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    Film teasers set the tone for reigning videos, with room for one heart breaking documentary

    Harsh reality
    If you are an eco-warrior, this video will enrage you, and if youa��re not, this may change the way you look at the world. Covering topics from animal cruelty to the education system and pollution to synthetic modification of genes, filmmaker Spencer Cathcart gives our lives a whole new perspective. He also leaves you feeling both hopeless and perhaps a bit hopeful at the same time. The video combines contrasting visuals with a powerful narrative to give you an insight into The Lie We Live.
    Suit up
    Ben Affleck steps back into a superhero suit and silences sceptics with this first look, and Henry Cavill dazzles as Superman, again. The film will also feature Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and possibly the best version of Aquaman in the form of Jason Momoa. The teaser doesna��t reveal much, but wea��re sure the two legends will come to monumental blows with each other in this dark film. Plus, a look at the impressive Bat Mobile makes it worth the watch. It is currently at 15.8 million views and counting.
    Spaced out
    In a series of Celebrity Reactions to the trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Matthew McConaughey is our favourite. Set to his Interstellar emotions when he watches videos of his kids in the film, this one shows the actual trailer in the inset. Hilarious but spot on for those whoa��ve waited a while for the latest Star Wars film, this clip will make you smile about the transition of space films from the Galaxy Far Far Away to the intergalactic ones.
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