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As the blazing days continue, we round up five exotic flavours from cafes across the city

Ita��s the daily beverage that finds its rightful place on English breakfast tables to Russian novels. But with time the idea of a warm hot cup of tea has evolved into a glass of cold tea sipped on hot afternoons. And no ita��s not just any cold or iced tea that we are talking about, this wonder drink discovered by the Chinese eons ago is reincarnated as cold tea or flavoured tea. Many cafes in the city are offering a variety of these cool delights in different flavours such as Blueberry, Laraha Fruit, Tapioca Pearls, Peach and more. We bring you the best of the list:

Blueberry Iced Tea at ITC KakatiyaA�Blueberry
So far you have enjoyed cupcakes and muffins of this blue exotic fruit. How about sipping it in your ice tea? Well, at Marco Polo, ITC Kakatiya, this tea is in demand. The fruit goes well with Earl Grey Tea with its bergamot flavouring. Fresh blueberry pulp, not syrup, is used for the concoction. They source it from Coorg and Darjeeling. The use of lemon balances the flavours of the tea while the fruit granules impart the lilac colour. The fruit’s pulp is frozen into ice-cubes that gives the drink a unique flavour. Price: `275++ taxes. Details: 23400132

Iced Peach Tea at A�The Gallery Cafe
No, ita��s not your regular peach tea available in a readymade pack. At The Gallery Cafe, it is served as a concoction of peach in herbal tea. Although it feels like a mocktail – slightly pulpy as you finish sipping it, the taste is tangy-sweet with flavours that last in your mouth. Says owner Supriya Lahoti, a�?We keep experimenting with other fruits as well as this one has become a hit with our guests.a�? Price: `150. Details: 33165296

Blue Curacao at FinjaanA�Blue Curacao
At Finjaan, they prepare this blue beverage with dried peel of the Laraha citrus fruit as a thick cerulean syrup. The coloured syrup sits at the base of the glass and the brown African tea-base liquid is poured on top of it. Two sips and it tastes bland. Stir it and the beverage turns into a pearl green liquid with a tangy and sweet taste that settles down in your taste buds after a while. Says owner Taiyebi, a�?Ita��s one of our popular teas. Other than our other exotic varieties, people like it in every season.a�? Price: `90. Details: 24600777

Tapioca Bubble Tea at Tea Trails
As bubbly and refreshing as its name, it is a Taiwanese specialty with small tapioca pearls in a tea based milky drink. When you sip, the little tea pearls rush into your mouth and as you chew them, you can feel a distinct powdery taste. Says business support manager Madhukar Mende, a�?Ita��s made of exotic flowers boiled in hot water for 20 minutes. They look like tiny balls.a�? Price: `150. Details: 33165334

Watermelon Iced Tea at Radisson Blu Plaza HotelA�Watermelon tea
Yes, you heard it right. Ita��s made of watermelon juice. Added to herbal tea, the mixture is brewed, cooled, strained and served with crushed ice, and if required a sliver of lemon rind. They also have the pomegranate flavoured one made with a similar method. Price: on request. Details: 67331133

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