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Three everydaytechnologies thathave changed the way we drive

All-wheel drive
The common misconception is that All-Wheel Drive, which transfers power individuallyto all four wheels of a car, belongssolely on SUVs. But as Audi proved with itsquattro technology in the 80s, it can do aworld of good to regular sedans andhatchbacks, too. The benefits of an AWDsystem are obviousa��you can drive in the rain with increased grip and added safety. Ita��s not just road cars that are using AWD technology, but sports and race cars have also hugely benefitted.

Daytime Running Lights
It may not be common practice in India,but having your headlights on even in theday greatly increases your chances ofbeing spotted by other road users.Daytime Running Lights will soon bereplaced by LED technology, once thisbecomes feasible for automotive use. Notonly will these lights be bright enough tobe spotted in the harshest sunlight, but they will also hold significant visual value.

Parking sensors
With the surge in the number of cars on roads, cities are getting crowded and finding parking is just one half of the headache. Safely manoeuvring your car into tight parking spots is an even bigger challenge. Parking sensors are now taking the guesswork out of this exercise. Not only do they warn you of objects that you are closing in on, they also indicate how much distance you have before you hit something. Surround cameras, too, are making an appearance on cars, replacing parking sensors.


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