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    Bags with GPS trackers and stoles that clean the air you breathe ai??i?? hereai??i??s a look into the future

    Can you imagine a dress that will moisturise your skin and spritz you with perfume? Or an ensemble that will regulate your body temperature? A scarf with anti-ageing properties? A shoe to direct you to the right stores? A wearable fitness device that can predict a heart attack? A fabric that can deliver the right dose of medicine to your body? This is the future of fashion innovation and fashion technology.

    Cloth talk
    Did you know that scarves are being created that can filter and clean the air you breathe? But the most creative innovation in the field is the fabric that can monitor your health. Today, innovative shirts that can monitor heart functions, offer you a built-in GPS, use your body energy to charge your phone and change shapes and colours on their own, are all set to take over our lives. Of course, much of this is not available in stores yet, but it wonai??i??t be long. Food products like coffee beans, milk and tea are also being used to make fabrics.

    Step up to fitness Lotrisone sale
    Wearable technology has moved to shoes as well. There are smart shoes today, that offer optimum comfort, track your running intelligence and much more. These shoes contain an undetectable sensor in the midsole that will enable you to get real time coaching on your running techniques, tell you about the impact of your feet on the ground, pace, distance and everything else you need to improve your stride.

    Accessory update
    Besides the fitness trackers that have become sleeker and smarter with every new generation of the product, smart watches for women have also undergone a transformation. They are prettier, smaller, embedded with rhinestones or with leather straps. There are also smart brooches and necklaces that can track your stress levels, sleep and body changes.

    There are also handbags that have GPS trackers. Deepika Govind, one of Bengaluruai??i??s best known designers, has worked with several fabrics, creating blends that are eco-friendly, stylish and modern. When asked about technology in fashion, Deepika says that some of the smartest fabric innovations that she has heard of are water proof denim and fabrics with anti-bacterial properties.

    According to Deepika, water proof, fireproof and anti-bacterial surgical clothing are all examples of a fusion of science, technology and textiles. They are efficient because they are functionality-based. ai???I am working on new weaves and blends and processing them with anti-bacterial and wellness herbs and aroma washes,ai??? she adds.

    She is also a fan of wearable technology but she likes these gadgets to be beautiful enough to wear with her clothes. ai???As for the future, I foresee more micro-chips being embedded in fabrics,ai??? she says. ai???These will change colours and add prints to your clothes.ai???

    ai??i??Ai??Asha Chowdary
    (Asha Chowdary presents a column on whatai??i??s trending in the world of fashion)


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