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Cheap zestoretic medication Start-up concept bar, Sly Tech, offers tech junkies a ai???speakeasyai??i?? bar they can relate to

Hyderabad is one of the nationai??i??s biggest start-up hubs, so it is only natural that a bar comes up where the decor and drinks are woven around the concept of a start-up gone bust.Ai??ai???When you go bust open a bar, techies never quit,ai??i?? reads the caption atop the bar area at Hyderabadai??i??s latest watering hole Sly Tech. Thatai??i??s a fitting salute to the spirit of three engineering pals whose start-up went bust, but instead of giving up they turned their failed office space into a bar instead. Delhi-based co-founders, Rahul Khanna and Kabir Suri from Azure Hospitality lapped up this concept for the bar as they found out about the formerai??i??s story.

Khanna says, ai???We chanced upon the story of three engineers whose business went bust as they ran out of funds. However, they decided to convert the office space into a bar so we used that as a concept to remodel that space.ai??? The place opened a few weeks ago and has been a hangout for the techies in Kondapur, the cityai??i??s IT hub.

Wait and play
The bar is about Ai??3,600 square feet, but makes effective use of the available space. It boasts of a quirky theme with furniture in colours that pop like neon green and red, replete with funky graffiti on the wall, posters of people watching 3D movies and post-its. The decor is reminiscent of a tech officeai??i??s recreational area. A table tennis board, a section with comic books, ranging from Archie Comics, Asterix series, games such as Monopoly and Jenga could make your wait for the food and drinks worthwhile. Balamurugan, the bar manager, says, ai???The set-up reimagines the office reception area, bossai??i?? cabin and chambers of developers, with work logs and charts to suit the theme.ai???

Mixed bag

Chef Vinay Thapliyal from New Delhi, who has designed the menu, has come up with cosmopolitan fare with some culinary twists to
roadside grub.

From the ai???pre-game sectionai??i?? in the menu, Traineeai??i??s Kolkata Jhaal Moori made of puffed rice snacks with onion, tomato, green chillies and lemon wedges, make for an ideal snack before you start sipping on the cocktails. From the starters, we tried the Potato Locked and Loaded, a cheesy dish of potato skins, jalapeno and sour cream garnished with chilli, mayo and potato wafers. This is strictly for cheese lovers, as the rest might find it overpowering. What came next to the table was Biryani Balls, chicken biryani made into balls and deep fried garnished with onion rings and served with tangy tamarind and mint chutney. The menu also offers a wide range of short eats like sliders and pavs to try.

From the counter


From their ai???tech specialai??i?? cocktails, we tried the Lychee Rose Martini. The pale pink drink with a heavy dose of dry ice, vodka, a dash of lime and a drop of rose syrup is for those who like their alcoholic beverages sweet. Coffee lovers can try the Last Espresso with a shot of coffee shaken and chilled with vodka and kahlua. The name of some of the drinks in the ai???Rewind to classics sectionai??i?? is a nod to pop culture icons, known for their love of signature drinks.

The drink, Hello Carrie Bradshaw, a cosmopolitan with orange wedges, cranberry juice, vodka and lime lifts the spirits. Whereas, Dirty Dustbin with vodka, tequila, white rum, and gin topped with a dash of cranberry juice and orange juice is strictly for the brave hearts.

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Price for two- `1,400 ++
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