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    Must-have apps that made it big in 2014

    The best camera app for iPhone, this one is fast, simple with great updates. We also love that it is full of features but doesna��t hang. Apart from the stabiliser, timer and burst mode, it lets you edit, create layers, change the balance and has a digital zoom for distant subjects. Rs.189 on apple.itunes.com

    This one from Android not only plays music but improves sound quality with a frequency equaliser. Set your frequencies, save your presets, and bring out the best in your music and amplify bass for party nights with the Bass Booster feature. Rs.68. Add-ons up to Rs.800 on play.google.com

    Hanx Writer
    The brainchild of typewriter collector Tom Hanks comes with expert animation and sound effects so it feels like a manual typewriter. Loaded with three different type sets, you can complete you document, convert it into a PDF. Free for iPad users.

    This app allows you to look back into your social media accounts be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and rummages through posts to find what you were doing at a point in time in the past. Great to document the good times. On iOS and Android. Details: timehop.com

    Hyperlapse & LapseIt
    Hyperlapse lets you take long shots and compress them intoA�time-lapse videos with a professional look. It stitches footage and smooths out bumps, literally! For Andorid users, Google made LapseIt. It can import and speed up videos, import image sequences from DSLRs or GoPros with the bonus of adding music from your library! Both free on apple.itunes.com and play.google.com

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