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    MOUSETRAP10The sixth edition of the GO: Madras festival ensured that a huge chunk of Chennaia��s party crowd camped out on the coast over the weekend. Two whole days of music, with a great mix of artists, drew a diverse crowd, with representation from Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. As usual there were the hard core fans, along with the ones that were there to just take it all in and enjoy the vibe. All of the acts were accompanied by fantastic visual effects, taking things to a whole other level this year. Drawing a huge crowd were the headliners for the fest, SLAM from Scotland. The duo have played a big hand in defining Techno over the years, both through their performances as well as developing talent thought their label, Soma. Fans who had made the long trip were certainly not disappointed.



    IMG_4430In a pleasant coincidence, Col David Devasahayam and his wife Dr Renuka David also hosted a Harvard Business School get together along the coast, with alumni flying in from all over India and Germany. Our hosts decided to showcase our rich culture and heritage, especially for the benefit for the overseas guests, to get a true taste of India. The entire setting was in Rajwada style, with brightly-lit canopies and comfy seating. Authentic ethnic folk artistes were brought down from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab, with everything from dhandiya and kalbeliya, to fire breathers and tight rope walkers. One act even saw a performer balancing matkas on his head while dancing on a bed of nails.



    Col David and Dr RenukaAt Alliance Francaise, the highly entertaining Ms Meena played out for the 50th time to an eclectic crowd of theatre goers. While the props a�� a steel bucket-turned-movie camera-turned cow head a�� were inventive and the multi-lingual dialogues made their mark as always, KarunaA� Amarnatha��s fine timing and antics almost made us forget about her day job a�� as public relations manager for Taj Hotels, Chennai.
    Supper theatre hit new heights last weekend at the Sheraton Parka��s WelcomTheatre Production of The Mousetrap. Directed byA� Padma Shri awardee Aamir Raza Husain of Stagedoor, from Delhi, the evening checked all our boxes for a fun night out on the town, with some fine dining to finish. To sum things up, it was an evening of murder, suspense, British accents and apple-cinammon jalebis to top it all off.




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