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    Belgian DJ Marco Bailey brings to the city his deep, dark and energetic beats

    Tonight, youa��ll get to hear Marco Baileya��s brand of techno music, which has become a fixture at music fests world over, at blueFROG. He describes it as a�?deep, dark and full of energy a�� the kind you wona��t stop moving and grooving toa�?. This, plus his constant endeavour to promote the works of legendary and amateur musicians through his record labels, has earned him the title of a�?techno icona��.
    The Belgian steered towards rock, funk and hip hop music at the age of 18, after a bad accident that put an end to his career in motorbike racing. It was in 1994-95 when he got drawn into the world of electronic music.
    One of the busiest DJs and producers, Bailey weighs in on the latest development in music circuit.

    Whata��s that one trend in the current music scene that you connect with?
    Ita��s the ability to play great amount of music from a single USB stick (laughs). Ita��s so easy to travel with.

    And a trend you hope fades away?
    It has to be the profiles of fake artistes doing rounds on social networks. Some of them are only popular because they have many number of likes on Facebook, when in reality, they cana��t even mix three records together without doing mistakes. A few pay management companies to put them up on big stage. Then some guys buy their own music on beatport to be in the top 100.

    Tips for artistes starting their labels.
    Please produce a lot of tracks first, test them several times and then think of starting one. Dona��t hope for much help from anyone, try to do it alone.
    November 20. Cover (Rs.1,000).
    At Church Street. 9.30 pm.
    Details: 69999549
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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