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    YouTube sensation, Shraddha Sharma, takes stock of her new celebrity status

    Eighteen-year-old, Shraddha Sharma insists that YouTube offers hope, especially to the talented lot who experience rejection. She should know, for after posting about 40 videos on YouTube, Universal Music India launched her debut album, Raastey, two weeks ago. This came after she was rejectedA�by two big reality shows, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Indian Idol. a�?I was very upset when I got rejected. Then I saw a lot of videos on YouTube by youngsters, where they are playing a guitar or just singing. In fact, some even had a tutorial session. That is when I got the idea of posting my music videos online,a�? begins the singer and guitarist.

    Her new album, Raastey is a reflection of Sharmaa��s life till date. a�?The album shows how I was rejected and heartbroken, after which I got an opportunity, and where my life is headed. Now people recognise me and my label. Also, celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Yukta Mookhey appreciated me for my singing,a�? says the artiste who has worked with international producer Jim Beanz and singer-music composer, Leslie Lewis. a�?It was great working with them.

    The album has eight songs from different genres like Pop, Folk, Hip-Hop, Rock, etc. I got to experiment a lot with music and learn from the two musicians,a�? she says. Her trademark? a�?All my songs have romance but most of them are a�?love failurea�� songs. I do not know why,a�? laughs Sharma, who is a Shreya Goshal and A RA� Rahman fan. a�?Shreya Goshal started out when she was as old as me. I am hoping to make it big as well,a�? says the Dehradun girl, who has just passed out of the 12th grade.

    -Mrinalini Sundar



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