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Friday, February 26

The Drop (Crime/Drama), Star Movies Select, 4.30 pm
Cast: Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini, Noomi Rapace
Marvin Stipler (Gandolfini) and his cousin Bob Saginowski (Hardy) undertake illegal money drops for Chechen mobsters at a bar in Brooklyn. The bar, called Cousin Marva��s, was previously owned by Stipler. A loyal partner, Saginowski soon finds himself embroiled in a deadly robbery that involves Stipler and the Chechen mob boss, Chovka. Meanwhile, while rescuing a pit bull, Saginowski befriends a neighbour, Nadia (Rapace), whose ex-boyfriend Eric Deeds also adds to his problems. Based on a short story called Animal Rescue, by Dennis Lehane.

Ek Paheli LeFriday Ek Paheli Leelaela (Thriller/Drama), UTV Movies, 2.30 pm
Cast: Sunny Leone, Jay Bhanushali
Karan (Bhanushali), an aspiring singer and musician, is often haunted by dreams of being whipped. When he goes to a pundit to solve the mystery, he is told that the answer lies in his past life. Karan soon comes to believe that 300 years ago he was Shravan (Rajneesh Duggal), an artista��s aide who was in love with a girl named Leela (Leone). Leela is now Meera (Leone), a model who is married to a Rajasthani prince. Can Karan convince Meera about her past? Leonea��s husband, Daniel Weber, plays a cameo in the movie.

Saturday, February 27THE DROP

The Fifth Estate (Thriller),
Star Movies HD, 2.30 pm
Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch,
Daniel Bruhl
Based on WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange (Cumberbatch), the movie tracks how he was contacted by journalist Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Bruhl) and how they started the covert website, where classified information withheld from the public is exposed online, while retaining the anonymity of the sources. From illegal activities in Swiss banks to secrets of the Afghan war, they reveal it all. But tensions mount when they disagree on the timing of the release of sensitive documents pertaining to the Baghdad invasion and the Iraq war, leaked by former US Army soldier Chelsea Manning. James McAvoy was earlier considered to play the role of Domscheit-Berg.

Noah (Biblical/Epic), HBO, 11.14 pmla_ca_0102_noah
Cast: Russel Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins
With a Biblical theme, the story begins when God decides to cleanse the world with an apocalyptic flood. When Noah (Crowe) realises that the creator is trying to send him a message, he, with his wife Naameh (Connelly), and three sons set off to seek guidance from his grandfather, Methuselah (Hopkins). At Methuselaha��s behest, Noah begins to build an ark in preparation for the apocalypse. But will everyone make it to the ark in time? This is the third collaboration between Crowe and Connelly, after A Beautiful Mind
and Wintera��s Tale.

Pixels (Sci-fi/Action), Sony PIX HD, 9 pm
Cast: Adam Sandler, Michelle Monaghan
Mistaking video feeds from arcade games as a declaration of war by Earth, aliens send an army of video gamesa��like Arkanoid and Galagaa��to destroy our planet. Sam Brenner (Sandler), Kevin James (Cooper), Ludlow Lamansoff and Eddie a�?The Fire Blastera�� Plant have been playing the classic arcade games since childhood. Upon the attack, Brenner and Lamansoff are summoned by the government to train the Navy Seals to play the games as defense. However, the real challenge is Pac Mana��s title character and the aliens look like they have the upper hand. Peter Dinklage (who pays Eddie) and Sean Bean (who plays an SAS officer) have both starred in the Game of Thrones.Sunday Tanu Weds Manu Returns


Sunday, February 28

Tanu Weds Manu Returns (Romance/Comedy),
Zee Cinema, 9 pm
Cast: Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut
A sequel to Tanu Weds Manu, the story finds the couple in London, where Manu (Madhavan) is fed up with his wife Tanua��s (Ranaut) anticsa��especially after she gets him locked up in a psychiatric facility. He sends her a legal notice and, enraged, she decides to catch up with her old boyfriends back in her hometown. Meanwhile, Manu reaches Delhi and meets Kusum (Ranaut), Tanua��s look-alike and a state-level athlete. He falls in love and decides to marry her, much to Tanua��s displeasure. Things get complicated when Manu realises Kusum is getting engaged to another man. This is Ranauta��s first double role.


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