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    Price of triamcinolone acetonide ointment Ishqedarriyaan (Drama/ Romance), Zee Cinema HD, 10.18 pm
    Cast: Mahaakshay Chakraborty,
    Evelyn Sharma, Mohit Dutta
    Employed as a teacher at her grandfatherai??i??s school in Himachal Pradesh, Luvleen (Sharma) is on a mission to take the institution to a better level. While seeking funds from benefactors in order make her plan work, she meets Aagam Diwan (Chakraborty), a workaholic millionaire whoai??i??s smitten by her instantaneously. Meanwhile Luvleen has her heart set on Arjun (Dutt), a singer. Caught in a bittersweet love triangle, Aagam finds himself in a difficult position as there are more dots connecting him to Luvleen. Urvashi Rautela was initially considered for the role of Luvleen.

    Eye in the Sky (Action),
    Amazon Prime
    Cast: Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Alan Rickman
    Following parallel narratives set in Nairobi, Nevada and London, the film tracks the story of a collaborative intelligence operation set up to capture militants belonging to Al Shabaab. With British Army Colonel Katherine Powell (Mirren) helming the operation, the mission relies solely on satellite images and aerial view as they are unable to penetrate the region controlled by the terrorists. But, when the time comes to authorise a strike, the military finds itself dealing with legal and political representatives that question the inevitable collateral damage. Will they be forced to give up the mission? Powell finds herself forced to take a stance. Eye in the Sky is the final film by veteran actor Alan Rickman.

    13TH (Docu-film), Netflix India
    Cast: Melina Abdullah,
    Michelle Alexander, Cory Booker
    Critically acclaimed for its surgical inquiry into the prison system in the US, 13TH chronicles the countryai??i??s dark past and its repercussions. Directed by Ava DuVernay, the narrative of this 90-minute long documentary features personalities including legal scholars like Angela Davis, activists and politicians elaborating on how the culture criminalises Afro-American population. With its prisons holding more than two million presentlyai??i??out of which 60 per cent comprise of people of colourai??i??the film dwells on this modern form of racial inequality. 13TH was filmed in secrecy and premiered at the New York Film Festival (2016).

    R…Rajkumar (Comedy/Action), UTV Movies, 7.16 pm
    Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood
    When Romeo Rajkumar (Kapoor) arrives in Dhartipur, a small village run by two drug lords who happen to be arch enemies, he decides to work for one of them. Employed under Shivraj (Sood), Rajkumar soon earns everybodyai??i??s trust and manages to fall in love with Chanda (Sinha), the daughter of their rival Manik Parmar. However, things soon get out of hand when Parmar and Shivraj decide to end their feud and seal the bond through a marriage between Chanda and Shivraj. But Rajkumar has an alternative identity that he is yet to reveal. The film was initially titled Rambo Rajkumar.

    The Good Dinosaur (Animation/ Adventure), Hotstar Premium
    Cast: Raymond Ochoa, Jeffrey Wright, Jack Bright
    Working on the premise that the asteroid that made the dinosaurs extinct, actually missed Earth ai??i?? this film picks up from 65 million years later. Growing up with his family, Arlo (Ochoa), a young apatosaurus, is timid and an introvert. Though he learns to hunt and set traps, his nature remains the same. One day, Arlo finally manages to capture a feral child (Bright) but sets him free. Disappointed by Arloai??i??s actions, his father, Poppa (Wright) tries to make him track the boy, but is killed in the process. Alone and a long way from home, Arlo forges an odd friendship with Spot, the cave boy, and has to find a way to survive on his own. Arloai??i??s animation graphics are inspired by the movements of elephants.

    Daddyai??i??s Home (Comedy), HBO, 9 pm
    Cast: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini
    Brad Whitaker (Ferrell) is leading a seemingly quiet and content life with his new wife Sarah (Cardellini) and stepchildren Megan and Dylan. Brad is thrilled when he finally makes headway with his step-children with Dylan opening up to him about being bullied at school and Megan asking him to the father/daughter dance. But the unannounced arrival of Sarahai??i??s former husband Dusty Mayron (Wahlberg) turns his world upside down. Muscular and dashing, Dusty, is clearly trying to oust Brad from Sarahai??i??s life. Timid by nature can Brad deal with Dustyai??i??s unscrupulous ways? Vince Vaughn was initially considered for the role of Dusty Mayron.



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