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    Friday, January 30

    City Lights (Drama),
    Doordarshan, 10 pm
    Cast: Rajkummar Rao, Patraleka Paul
    An ex-army driver, who is currently a farmer in Rajasthan, Deepak Singh (Rajkummar Rao) wants a better life for his wife and little daughter. He moves his family to Mumbai, but is soon disillusioned when they are cheated by a conman who sells them an apartment that doesna��t belong to him. Forced to befriend a bar girl who helps put them up in an under-construction flat, his wife decides to become a bar dancer. And though Deepak finally gets a job as a driver in a security firm, is his new partner really looking out for him? The lead actors are both alumni of FTII, Pune.

    Grown Ups 2 (Comedy),
    Sony Pix, 9 pm
    Cast: Adam 1Sandler, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek
    Ita��s three years after the first film, and Lenny Ferder (Adam Sandler) has relocated to the small town where he grew up along with his buddies Eric, Kurt, and Marcus. His relationship with his wife is disrupted when she gets pregnant and he is not ready to accept the responsibility that comes with bringing up another baby. Meanwhile, Marcus discovers that he has a 17-year old son, Braden. As Lenny tries to reconnect with his hometown, come to terms with his wifea��s pregnancy and overcome his childhood bully Tom Cavanagh, Marcus must learn to care for Braden, though the young boy despises him. The film is Adam Sandlera��s first sequel.


    Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood (Romance / Drama), Romedy Now, 9 pm
    Cast: Sandra Bullock, Maggie Smith, Ellen Burstyn, Fionnula Flanagan
    Siddalee Walker (Sandra Bullock) is a New York playwright who is estranged from her mother Vivian (Ellen Burstyn). When she reveals her troubled childhood and her mothera��s less-than-perfect parenting skills in an interview with Time magazine, Vivian decides to teach her a lesson. Having already been banned from Siddaa��s impending wedding, she makes things worse for herself when she gets her friends to kidnap her daughter and bring her to Louisiana. Once there, the women attempt to explain Vivia��s painful past to her daughter, as an attempt at reconciling their relationship. The film was shot at the same time as A Walk to Remember in Wilmington, North Carolina.

    Saturday, January 31

    Priest (Fantasy / Horror),
    &Pictures, 11 pm
    Cast: Paul Bettany, 2
    Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q
    Enter an alternative world, one that has been torn apart by centuries of fighting between humankind and vampires. A veteran of the great Vampire War, Warrior Priest (Paul Bettany) is forced to come out of his peaceful retirement when a gang of vampires capture his niece Lucy (Lily Collins). He is helped by Lucya��s boyfriend Hicks (Cam Gigandet). The film was inspired by a Korean comic book with the same name.


    Machete Kills
    (Crime / Thriller), HBO, 5.30 pm
    Cast: Danny Trejo, Alexa PenaVega, Mel Gibson, Demian Bichir
    The sequel to Machete sees the title character pardoned for his former misdemeanours, and recruited by the US government, for a mission that involves tracking down dangerous arms dealer Marcos Mendez (Demian Bichir), who has a missile that could destroy the country. Taking down Mendez becomes complicated when Machete (Danny Trejo) realises that the missile will launch if the arms dealera��s heart stops beating. This film is Mel Gibsona��s debut as a villaina��he plays a corrupt businessman.

    April Rain (Action),
    Star Movies Action, 6.30 pm
    Cast: Ryan Guzman,
    Ming-Na Wen, Miranda Frigon
    A dangerous and unusually eclectic group of terrorists plan to attack the US, infiltrating the country from within. With their main strength coming from the fact that members of the gang are emigrants who have settled in the country and interact normally with family, friends and coworkers, the responsibility for neutralising the cell rests with a quasi-military special investigative unit. Drones were used extensively in the filming of the movie, to help capture difficult camera angles in the fight sequences

    White Vengeance
    (Action / History), WB, 6.30 pm
    Cast: Shaofeng Feng,
    Leon Lai, Hanyu Zhang
    Set in 206 BC, as the Qin Dynasty crumbles in Imperial China, the film narrates the story of two brothers. Leaders of opposing rebel armies, Liu Bang (Leon Lai) and Xiang Yu (Feng Shaofeng) resort to increasingly sly tactics to gain the upper hand. Based on the events between the fall of the Qin dynasty, the film has been criticised for straying far from the accepted historical narrative.

    Sunday, February 1

    Die Hard 4.0 (Action), Star Movies HD, 10.41 pm
    3Cast: Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Maggie Q
    As America prepares to celebrate Independence Day, the notoriously aggressive detective, John McClane, returns to stop cyber terrorists. When the streets near the White House are bombed, and the entire electric grid goes offline, McClane, along with a young man, Matthew (Justin Long)a��one of the targeted hackers whom he rescues from the assassinsa��have to outsmart the terrorists, before they bomb the country with its own nuclear weapons. But when McClanea��s daughter, Lucy, gets thrown into the fray, he must walk the fine line between his duty as a cop and a father. Will he succeed when time is against him? The film is called Live Free or Die Hard in the US, but everywhere else, it is titled Die Hard 4.0.

    The Favour (Romance), MGM, 7.15 pm
    Cast: Bill Pullman, harley Jane Kozak, Brad Pitt
    Kathy Whiting (Harley Jane Kozak) is a housewife and mother of two. While she is happy with her marriage to Peter (Bill Pullman), she sometimes longs for excitement. Her best friend is Emily (Elizabeth McGovern) who runs an art gallery and lives the life Kathy often aspires to. When Emily is headed to Denver, Kathy suggests she look up Tom Andrews (Ken Wahl), her old high school sweetheart. However, Emily sleeps with him and things get more complicated when she discovers she is pregnant and doesna��t know who the father of the baby isa��Andrews or her boyfriend Elliot Fowler (Brad Pitt). Producer Cassian Elwesa�� brother, Damian, painted the canvases that Pitta��s character creates in the film.

    Our Pick:

    Downton Abbey,
    Star World, Monday to Friday, 10 pm
    Based during World War I, and after the sinking of the RMS Titanic (1912), Downton Abbey revolves around the lives of the Crawley family. Episode six of season one revolves around Lady Mary and her relationship with a a�?handsome Turka��. The episode also sees Lady Sybil exploring her interest towards politics and the upcoming elections.

    4Believe, Z Cafe,
    Friday to Sunday, 7 pm
    Bo is a six-year-old girl with special powers that get her unwanted attention. William Tate, a wrongfully convicted murderer, is asked to protect her. In the latest episode of the fantasy drama, Tate and Bo are on the run as the FBI and a secret organisation hunt for Bo, wanting to put her in a special prison for mentally challenged children.



    Pakistan vs New Zealand,
    Star Sports, Tomorrow, 6.30 am
    Just days before the ICC World Cup begins, New Zealand will take on visitors Pakistan in a short ODI series. The first game of the series will take place in Wellington. Look out for in-form players like Brendon McCullum and Kane Williamson. Catch all the live action on Star Sports from 6.30 am

    Bharat Ka Veer Putra, Maharana Pratap, Sony, Monday to
    Thursday, 10 pm
    Following the life of Maharana Pratap, the show takes us through his many battles to win kingdoms. In the latest episode, we see Pratapa��s stepmother, Rani Bhatiyani, being shot by Pratapa��s stepbrother Kunwar Jagmal. King Rana tries to get to the root of the treachery. The episode also shows how guns were imported into India.

    5Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, MTV India, Monday to Friday, 6.30 pm
    This show focusses on a the Fab Five, a band in a Mumbai music college. In the latest episode, the band is given a challengea��to compose three pieces of music in three days. Meanwhile, Manik (one of the band members) and Nandhini (a rival band member) fall in love, complicating matters for the upcoming competitions. Will the band be able to live up to expectations?



    MasterChef India, Star Plus, Monday to Saturday, 10.30 pm
    Season four of MasterChef India kicked off on January 26 with Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar as its the judges-cum-hosts. This season, the show has gone all vegetarian, with a special episode every weeka��where the previous seasona��s winner will come for a special mastercalss with the contestants.


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