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    The Dictator (Comedy), Z Studio, 3.05 pm1
    Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen ,
    Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley
    The film stars Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Aladeen, a dictator ruling over the fictional Republic of Wadiya. On a visit to America, to hold talks with the United Nations Council, Aladeen embarks on a wild journey that sees him go from a feared ruler to living on the streets. With his uncle Tamir bent on killing him, he must find a way to stay alive while also harbouring romantic feelings towards Zoey (Anna Faris), an activist whom he bumps into in New York. Cohena��s character is said to be based on real life dictators, Kim Jong-il, Idi Amin and Muammar Gaddafi.

    Larry Crowne (Comedy / Romance), HBO Hits, 4.35 pm
    Cast: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts
    When Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks), a middle-aged Navy veteran, is fired from his job at a superstore for not having a college education, he is advised by a friend to enroll in the community college. There he finds himself part of a group of outcasts who are all trying to build a better future. He also discovers a love for economics, but his speech class, with the unhappily-married Mercedes (Julia Roberts), becomes a challenge. Things get tougher when he realises he might lose his home due to financial reasons. The plot is said to be inspired by Hanksa�� own experiences in college.

    Dreamcatcher (Horror / Sci-fi),
    Movies Now, 11.35 pm
    Cast: Morgan Freeman,
    Damian Lewis, Thomas Jane,
    Jason Lee, Timothy Olyphant
    This one follows four telepathic friends who get caught in an invasion of parasitic aliens. Jonesy (Damian Lewis), Beaver (Jason Lee), Pete (Timothy Olyphant) and Henry (Thomas Jane) realise that their annual holiday home is now alien infested. When Jonesy is possessed by Mr Grey, a creepy alien, and one of the friends dies, things take a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, an elite military unit seeks to contain everyone exposed to the aliens. Author Stephen King sold the movie rights for $1.

    Underdog (Live-action / Comedy),untitled
    Star Movies Action, 8 pm
    Voices: Peter Dinklage, P
    atrick Warburton, Jason Lee
    Originally a bomb-sniffing dog, Underdog (Jason Lee) is fired for a mistake he makes when serving the mayor. But taken in by a security guard and ex-cop, he gets caught in a lab accident which gives him powers, including the ability to speak. He proclaims himself the protector of the city and even thwarts the mission of an evil scientist (Peter Dinklage) who tries to destroy it. The original cartoon series was created in1964 by General Millsa�� ad agency to help promote their breakfast cereal.


    Last Vegas (Comedy / Drama), Movies Now, 9pm
    Cast: Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro,
    Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline
    Sam (Kevin Kline), Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Paddy (Robert De Niro), three sexagenarians, are forced out of their daily routine when the fourth of their childhood group decides to get married late in life. As per a boyhood pact, all the 60-somethings head off to Las Vegas for Billya��s bachelor party before he marries his young fiancA�e. But when old tensions between Paddy and Billy flare up again, it becomes harder to continue to pretend to be young and have fun. Freeman plays Archie, who has retired from the US Air Force from the same branch of service he actually served in and the images on his shelf are actually of his time in service.

    Hawaa Hawaai (Adventure / Drama),
    Movies OK, 3.05 pm
    Cast: Partho Gupte, Saqib Saleem
    Considered the first film worldwide to be made about in-line skating, this one focusses on Arjun Harishchand Waghmare (Partho Gupte) and his dream to skate. Beginning when Arjun moves to Mumbai to work at a tea stall after his fathera��s death, it sees him slowly taking an interest in skating, while watching Aniket Sir (Saqib Saleem) teach other kids. Realising skating is expensive, his encouraging and feisty friends make him a pair of skates from garbage and christen it Hawaa Hawaai. Aniket notices Arjuna��s interest and ambition and begins to coach him. When Arjun quickly becomes his star pupil, all hopes are pinned on the young tea seller to become the world champion. This is the second film that Amole and his son Partho have worked on together. The first was Stanley Ka Dabba.

    Green Zone (Suspense / Thriller),3
    Star Movies Action, 4 pm
    Cast: Matt Damon,
    Brendon Gleeson, Greg Kinnear
    Set during the 2003 American invasion of Iraq, Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) and his team are sent in search of weapons of mass destruction. But when Miller finds that the majority of the intel given to him is inaccurate and his missions are being intentionally stopped by the Pentagon, he realises something is amiss and changes course to find the truth instead. A Wall Street journalist (Amy Ryan) also gets suspicious of the happenings in Iraq and she joins forces with Miller to uncover the secrets their own government is hiding from the world. Many of the soldiers in Matt Damona��s WMD unit were actual Iraq War and Afghanistan War veterans, not actors.



    Michael Jacksona��s This Is It (Music / Documentary), WB, 11.56 am
    Cast: Michael Jackson
    When the legendary Michael Jackson died less than a month before the scheduled start of his This Is It tour, it came as a huge shock to both fans and critics alike. The film chronicles the stara��s years-long preparationsa��from rehearsals to recordings, to directing his team and holding dancer auditions and costume designs. The film starts off with the song, Wanna Be Starting Something, Jacksona��s first solo, and slowly moves on to other tracks like They Dona��t Care About Us, Smooth Criminal and more. Two days after his death, Aeg, the concert promoters, announced that ticket holders could either get refunded or keep the printed tickets designed by Jackson himself as a souvenir.

    Oblivion (Action / Adventure),4
    Star Movies, 11.30 am
    Cast: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko
    Based on Joseph Kosinskia��s unpublished graphic novel of the same name, Oblivion is a post apocalyptic science fiction film. Ita��s 2077 and Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is a security repairman stationed on a desolate Earth. He is part of a huge operation to harvest vital resources in order to help life go on, following a decades-long war and the threat of aliens. With his mission almost complete, Harper comes across a beautiful stranger, who changes the game completely and gives him a quality of heroism and bravado that he never thought he possessed. The bubble ship operated by the drone, Jack 49, was inspired by the Bell 47 helicopter, a 1947 model Kosinski saw in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.

    Shaadi Ke Side Effects (Comedy / Romance),
    Star Gold HD, 9 pm
    Cast: Vidya Balan, Farhan Akhtar, Purab Kohli
    Sid (Farhan Akhtar) is a struggling music composer who is happily married to Trisha (Vidya Balan). However, things take a downturn when she announces she is pregnant. Trisha soon gives birth to a baby girl and, as expected, is always occupied with the baby, with no time for herself or her husband. Completely unprepared for fatherhood, Sid starts to feel the pressure mounting. He then looks to let off some steam by staying in hotel rooms and PGsa��trying to live the life of a bachelor. But will his marriage survive his quest for independence? The film is said to loosely resemble Hollywood hit, Shea��s Having a Baby.

    Our Pick:

    Mistresses, Z Cafe, Sunday, 11 pm
    The American drama deals with four women and their scandalous lives as they try to discover themselves. In the latest episode, store owner Aprila��s daughter, Lucy, goes missing, sending her into a panic. Meanwhile, event manager Joss tries to sort out her troubled relationship with boyfriend Alex, while her sister Savi tries to choose between her ex and her current crush.

    Turban Tadka, Food Food, Monday to Wednesday, 3 pm6
    This new food channel has launched Turban Tadka, a show where Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi takes you through the most authentic recipes of North India. The last episode saw the chef teaching us how to make the Turkish muhammara dip. Also look out for his funny songs and food tips.

    Top Chef, AXN India, Monday to Thursday, 8 pm
    Known for its arduous tasks and tough judges Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons, season 10 of Top Chef has Padma Lakshmi as the host. The latest episode, titled King of Alaska, was all about cooking great dishes with the Alaskan crab. The winner will take home a
    $5,000 cash award.

    Anger Management, Comedy Central, Saturday and Sunday, 2 pm
    Charlie Sheen stars in the sitcom, Anger Management, as Charlie Goodson, a basketball player turned therapist. In the latest episode, Goodsona��s dad, with whom he has had a difficult past, comes to town. Meanwhile, Goodson also has to deal with Lacey, a patient struggling with road rage.

    Unwrapped, History India TV, Saturday and Sunday, 2 pm5
    This show is all about finding the hidden ingredients behind the worlda��s most interesting recipes. Host Marc Summers takes us through everything from the making of peanut butter to what goes into a classic chicken burger. The theme of the latest episode is lunch box treats, with Summers showcasing hidden recipes and secret tips.

    Coke Studio @ MTV, MTV, Every First Sunday, 7 pm
    Known for bringing together famous musicians from across India, in an amalgamation of music genres ranging from rap and classical to hip hop, Coke Studio @ MTV season four kick started on March 1 with singers like Amit Trivedi, Harshdeep Kaur and Jyoti Nooran singing Teriyaan tu jaane, a new track composed by Trivedi for the show. Catch the next episode on April 1.


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