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Friday, October 16

Dead Mine (Horror), HBO Defined, 4.25 pm
Cast: Miki Mizuno,
Ario Bayu, Les Loveday
In an expedition to explore a former Japanese military bunker, Warren Price (Loveday) and his men set out for the island of Una-Una. A pirate attack on the way leaves them trapped in an abandoned Japanese military bunker. With a new turn in their mission, their search leads to more findings. Things become dangerous when they realise that they are not the only ones trapped in the mine. Will Price and his men be able to complete their mission? Dead Mine is said to be HBO Asiaa��s first original production.

The Mist (Horror), Sony Pix, 3.48 pm
Cast: Thomas Jane,
Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden
After a violent thunderstorm hits the small town of Bridgton, Maine, artist David Drayton (Jane) and his wife notice an unusual mist appearing on the lake, but ignore it. Later, when Drayton along with his son and a neighbour drives down to the local supermarket, the mist envelopes the area thickly making it impossible to see anything. Trapped in the store with others, they soon realize it is no ordinary fog but has many horrific, deadly creatures in it. Will they be able to escape the mist? Inspired by many pre-colour films, a black and white print of the movie was released in 2008.

Saturday, October 17

Escape Plan (Action/Thriller), HBO, 9 pmA�
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
50 Cent
Ray Breslin (Stallone) is a professional who checks if prisons are inescapable by becoming an inmate himself. So, with the launch of a new maximum security prison, Breslin is appointed by a woman, allegedlyworking for the CIA, to test it. They give him the wardena��s name and the code and plant a tracer on him. But once at the prison, his tracer is removed by prison officials and the warden appears to have no knowledge of what the code is all about. Realising that he has fallen into a trap, Breslin plans his escape. The movie was shot inside an empty facility once used by NASA.

Jobs (Biopic), MN+HD, 6.20 pm
Cast: Ashton Kutcher,
Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad
Chronicling the rise of Applea��s co-founder Steve Jobs (Kutcher) from a student in Reed College, the film tracks his life from the days when he had dropped out of the college for lack of funds, when Dean Jack Dudman (Woods) helped him out and he continued his classes. He becomes friends with Steve Wozniak (Gad) and together they establish a new company called Apple Computer, starting with Stevea��s own model of a personal computer, called Apple 1. A second version called the Apple II later, Jobs finds himself moving away from his friends while he tries to scale new heights with his company. Life starts to change for him and things turn sour when he is forced out of the company. The film was made with no involvement from Apple.

R… Rajkumar (Action),
UTV Movies, 6.13 pm
Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood
Romeo Rajkumar (Kapoor) arrives in the town of Dhartipur that is ruled by two drug barons and arch enemies, Shivraj Gurjar (Sood) and Manik Parmar (Vidyarthi). He finds work under Shivraj but sees his life change when he comes across Chanda (Sinha), who is in fact an orphan raised by Manik Parmar. This is Prabhu Devaa��s fourth Bollywood directorial venture.

Sunday, October 18

The Ugly Truth (Romance), HBO Defined, 6.40 pm
Cast: Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Bree Turner
Abby Ritcher (Heigl) is a producer of a morning show and a believer of true love, while Mike Chadway (Butler) does a local television show called The Ugly Truth, where he promotes the idea that relationships survive only on physical intimacy and men only consider good looks in a woman. Abby hates Mikea��s ideologies, but she has no choice but to accept him to do a segment on her own show on the orders of her boss, as a means to stop her show from shutting down due to poor ratings. As a challenge, Mike offers to help Abby woo her doctor neighbour using his methods. The character of Mike is inspired by Adam Carolla of The Adam Carolla Show.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (Action),
WB, 7.13 pmA�Cast: Nicolas Cage, CiarA?n Hinds, A�Idris Elba
A sequel to the 2007 movie, this edition finds Ray Carrigan (Whitworth), a mercenary and a drug dealer leading an attack upon a monastery to capture a boy named Danny (Fergus Riordan) at the behest of the demon Roarke, who has endowed Ray with supernatural powers. But the boy is rescued by his mother Nadya and the priest Moreau (Elba). Moreau is convinced that only Johnny Blaze, aka the Ghost Rider, can help Danny and protect the boy from the Roarke (Hinds), the demon who transformed Johnny into the Ghost Rider. But there were secrets about the boy that Johnny did not know. British-American TV presenter Jerry Springer was the flashing a�?devila�? in the movie.

Tamanchey (Romance), Zee Cinema HD, 11.32 pm
Cast: Nikhil Dwivedi, Richa Chadda, Damandeep Singh
Directed by Navneet Behal, Tamanchey is about a petty thief Munna (Dwivedi) and a drug peddler Babu (Chadda), both of whom are on the run from the law. It all starts when a police vehicle, carrying them and other criminals, falls into a ravine, leaving only Munna and Babu as survivors along with a lone cop. They manage to escape, and unexpectedly fall for each other but only to be confronted by Babua��s boss Rana (Singh), a former wrestler who was tainted for doping. Munna doesna��t give up on Babu but nor does Rana. The movie’s music director is Krsna Solo, who had earlier composed for Tanu Weds Manu.


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