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    Friday, October 23,

    Khoobsoorat (Romance), Zee Cinema, 8 pm
    Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Fawad Khan, Ratna Pathak
    Mrinalini Chakravarty aka Milli (Kapoor), a physiotherapist, is summoned by a royal family to treat the ailing king. But the royals are not amused by Millia��s open-mindedness. Her life takes a turn when she meets the young prince, Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore (Khan), whose character is the stark opposite of hers. Nevertheless, Milli falls in love with Rathore. But what will she do about Vikrama��s fiancA�e, Kiara? Khoobsurat is Indiaa��s first official Disney film and was well received by the Pakistani audience.

    The Hero a�� Life Story of a Spy (Action), Movies OK, 4 pm
    Cast: Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta, Priyanka Chopra Arun Sharma (Deol), a spy working for RAW, sets up a spy network to uncover terrorist activities across the bordera��led by the ISI chief, Isak Khan. Reshma (Zinta), Sharmaa��s partner in the mission, is sent as a maidservant to the house of a colonel who is known to be associated with Khan. But when Reshmaa��s cover is blown, she flees the house fearing for her life. Later, Sharma reveals his feelings for her, but their plans to get married are interrupted when Khan and the colonel catch up with them. The Hero was the third highest-grossing film of 2003.

    Rachel Getting Married (Drama), Romedy Now, 9 pm
    Cast: Anne Hathaway, Rosemarie DeWitt, Debra Winger
    Kym (Hathaway), who belongs to an affluent family, is released from rehab for a few days to attend her sister, Rachela��s (DeWitt) wedding. But Kym and her family struggle to accept her past, causing a lot of upheaval. When Rachel realises that her sistera��s drug addiction is taking the attention away from her, she picks up a fight with Kym, leaving her with bruises all over her face. Will Kym and Rachel resolve their issues? The movie fetched Hathaway the Critica��s Choice movie award for Best Actress in 2009.

    Snow White and the Huntsmen (Fantasy), Star Movies HD, 9 pm
    Cast: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron
    Queen Ravenna (Theron), a powerful sorceress, seizes control of a kingdom after marrying and killing its rightful ruler, King Magnus (Noah Huntley). She then imprisons his daughter Snow White. Maintaining her beauty and youthfulness by consuming the life force of young maidens, she sets her eyes on Snow White next. However, the princess learns of the queena��s plan and escapesa��only to have a local huntsman sent to track her down. Her action sequences won Stewart the 2012 Teen Choice Award for Summer Movie Star.

    Saturday, October 24

    After Earth (Sci-Fi), Movies Now, 6.55 pm
    Cast: Will Smith, Jaden Smith
    Many years into the future, when the Earth has become uninhabitable, mankind makes the planet Nova Prime its new home. Its peacekeeping military, the United Ranger Corps, led by General Cypher Raige (Will Smith), comes under attack from aliens, but they emerge victorious. When Cypher returns a hero and realises his son, Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith), has failed to make it as a ranger, he takes him on his last assignment before retirement. But it turns out to be the wrong move. Director M Night Shyamalan was personally hired by Will Smith.

    Bhool Bhulaiyaa (Thriller), UTV Movies, 8.10 pm
    Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shiney Ahuja, Vidya Balan
    Siddharth (Ahuja), who works in the US, returns to his home town with his new bride, Avni (Balan). He moves into his ancestral manor, believed to be haunted, much against his familya��s wishes. When Avni explores the manor, she comes across a wing of the house that is barricaded. Intrigued, she finds the key and unlocks the door. But soon paranormal activities start occurring and psychiatrist Aditya Shrivatsava (Kumar) is roped in to solve the mystery. This is the remake of the hit Malayalam movie, Manichitrathazhu.

    The Theory of Everything (Romance/Drama), Star Movies Select HD, 9 pm
    Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Tom Prior
    A biopic of the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, it tracks Hawking (Redmayne) as a student at Cambridge, where he meets Jane (Jones) and falls in love. When he learns about his motor neurone disease, he decides to move away, but Jane doesna��t let him. Hawking completes his doctoral degree on cosmological physics, and though his illness progresses, his findings start getting him acclaim. Meanwhile, Jane meets a choir master and falls in love. Redmayne won the Best Actor award for his role at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards.

    Sunday, October 25

    Eat Pray Love (Romance/Drama), HBO Defined, 5.45 pm
    Cast: Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem
    Based on Elizabeth Gilberta��s book by the same name, the film begins with the newly-divorced author (Roberts) feeling lost and confused. She steps out of her comfort zone and enters into a relationship with an actor. However, she soon realises ita��s not working out and decides to travel to three placesa��Italy, India and Indonesiaa��to enjoy its food and tranquility. On her quest of self-discovery, she learns that there is more to life than having a house to live in and enjoying a successful career. The book was listed as one of Oprah Winfreya��s favourites, which led Roberts to take an interest in it and agree to star in it.

    Players (Action), Zee Cinema HD, 6.14 pm
    Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bipasha Basu
    Charlie Mascarenhas (Bachchan) and his accomplice Riya (Basu) are professional thieves who plan to rob a train carrying gold from Russia to Romania, and rescue an imprisoned con artist, Victor Braganza (Vinod Khanna). Mascarenhas assembles a team for the assignment, which includes Spider (Mukesh). But right after the successful robbery, Spider double crosses the gang and kills a few members, including Braganza, before escaping with the gold.This is an official remake of the Hollywood movie, The Italian Job.

    Baahubali – The Beginning (Action/Drama), A�Sony Max, 8 pm
    Cast: Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamannah
    In the kingdom of Mahishmati, the queen mother saves a baby from attackers, but then drowns. The baby is rescued by a local tribeswoman and is brought up as Shivudu (Prabhas). He grows up to be a powerful man who manages to climb to the top of a mighty waterfall where he meets Avanthika (Tamannah), a member of a group that is at war with Mahishmatia��s king, Bhallala Deva (Daggubati). Shivudu joins the fight, but soon learns the truth about his birth, which brings him to a cross road in his life. This is the first non-Bollywood movie to gross over Rs.600 crore.

    Our Pick:

    Fear Factor, AXN, Friday, 9 pm
    Daredevilry reaches an all-time high in the fourth season of Fear Factor. For one of the tasks, contestants need to hold on to a tow rope as a helicopter drags them through a lake. And in another, they have to pop cow eyeballs into their mouths. They will also be seen leaping back and forth between two trucks in a bid to transfer up to 15 flags.

    MTV Big F, MTV, Sunday, 7 pm
    Hosted by actor and winner of Bigg Boss 8, Gautam Gulati, the show focusses on forbidden fantasies of youngsters. In this episode, an overweight teenager from Chandigarh develops a huge crush on tennis player Abhimanyu. And she wants his autograph. Tune in to see if Rajji manages to make an impression on Abhimanyu.

    Talking Movies, BBC World News, Saturday (6 pm) and Sunday (1 pm)
    Ahead of the worldwide release of Spectre next month, Talking Movies offers a sneak peek into the making of the 24th James Bond filma��where Bond (Daniel Craig) will face a global criminal agency called Spectre. The programme will also document changes thata��ve been made to the worlda��s longest running film series, since its inception in 1962.

    Bonnie & Clyde, History TV18, Thursday-Friday, 11 pm
    One of the most infamous love stories in American history now hits Indian TV. The mini-series recounts the coming together of convicted robber Clyde Barrow and small-town waitress, Bonnie Parker, and how the two set off on a crime spree with their gang during The Great Depression.

    Heritage: Angkor Thom, Travelxp HD, Friday, 5.45 pm
    This week, the Heritage crew travels to Angkor Thom in Cambodia, which features on the World Heritage List and is one of the most important archaeological sites in southeast Asia. Famous for its grand Bayon Temple, it was established in the late 12th century by King Jayavarman VII and was the last city of the Khmer Empire.

    Ranveera��s CafA�, Living Foodz, Tuesday-Wednesday, 8.30 pm
    Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar takes the a�?foodtainmenta�� quotient a notch higher with his new show, Ranveera��s Cafe. While he whips up international cafe recipes with an Indian twist (tacos with masala papad), singers like Armaan Malik and Siddharth Mahadevan keep his audience entertained.




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