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    Friday, JanuaryA�8#

    8x8 - Col.inddLondon Dreams (Musical/Drama),
    Star Gold HD, 3 pm
    Cast: Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn
    Childhood friends Arjun (Devgn) and Mannu (Khan) try to find their way out of the small village of Bhatinda with dreams of becoming rock stars. Arjun meets Zoheb (Rannvijay Singh) and Wasim (Aditya Roy Kapoor) and forms a band and also ropes in Priya (Asin) who belongs to a conservative South Indian family. But Arjun loses focus when Mannu also joins them and hits it off with Priya. To make matters worse, Mannu is popular with the audience, creating a further rift between the two. Rajkumar Santoshi was originally signed to direct the movie, but later opted out.

    Luck (Action/Thriller), UTV Movies, 5.10 pm
    Cast: Imran Khan, Sanjay Dutt,
    Shruti Hassan
    Kingpin Karim Musa (Dutt) is known to have escaped many mishaps since he was nine months old. He grows into a gambler and smuggler, and tries his luck in different parts of the world. He develops an odd interest in investing on peoplea��s luck and decides to recruit a dozen lucky people to take part in a series of games outlined to test their luck. Chosen in his troupe are Ram Mehra (Khan) and Ayesha (Hassan) are a part of his troupe and the team is taken to Cape Town for the game to be placed in death defying situations, where only the luckiest can survive. Shruti Hassan made her Bollywood debut with the film.

    G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Sci-Fi/Action), Zee Studio, 9 pm
    Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum
    The G.I. Joe unit, led by Duke (Tatum) is framed by Zartan, who is impersonating the President of the United States. The unit is later destroyed in a military air strike, with Roadblock (Johnson), Flint (D J Cotrona), and Lady Jaye (Adrianne Palicki) as the only survivors. Meanwhile, Cobra Commander, an ally of Zartan, is rescued from an underground prison. The remaining Joes must fight Cobra and rescue the President. Dwayne Johnson is the second wrestler to star as a Joe.

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Action), Movies Now, 6.20 pm
    Cast: Robert Downey Jr, Jude LawFriday Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows
    Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr) investigates a series of murders, terrorist attacks and business acquisitions, which he feels are connected to Professor Moriarty. On their first encounter, Moriarty threatens Holmes with the life of Watson (Law) and his newly wedded wife (Kelly Reilly). But Holmes manages to save them from an attack planned by Moriarty. On learning that a bomb has been planted in Paris, Holmes and Watson head there and find the master criminal a step ahead of them. The scheduling of this movie made Downey Jr drop out of Cowboys and Aliens (2011).

    Saturday, January 9#

    I Am Ali (Documentary), Star Movies Select HD, 9 pm
    Cast: MuhammadA�Ali, Muhammad Ali Jr, Hana Ali
    Based on a combination of personal archives of audio journals and interviews, I Am Ali is a documentary on boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Premiering tomorrow, the 111-minute documentary includes segments from his family and friends, and also testimonials from professionals like Mike Tyson, George Foreman and Gene Kilroy. Directed by Claire Lewins, it gives a delightful insight into the man who revolutionised the sport like no other, including the period when he was banned for five years, which he spent doing lecture tours, press conferences and photoshoots.

    Bolt (Animation), Pix, 9 pm
    Cast: Miley Cyrus, John Travolta
    An American white shepherd pup called Bolt (Travolta) is adopted by a seven-year-old girl, Penny (Cyrus). They star in a hit television series named after the pup, in which he has various superpowers and fights the evil plans of Doctor Calico (Malcom McDowell). The series is shot cleverly to make Bolt believe that he actually has superpowers like a powerful super-bark. But reality hits him when he is accidentally separated from the studio and meets a female alley cat called Mittens (Susie Essman) and a hamster named Rhino (Mark Walton). As Bolt tries to find his way back to the studio he starts questioning Pennya��s affection for him. Chloe Grace Mortez was initially chosen to voice Pennya��s character.

    Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon (Romance/Comedy), Zee Cinema HD, 9.39 am
    Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor
    Sanjana (Kapoor) gets upset when she learns that her marriage is to be fixed with Prem Kumar (Bachchan), a rich NRI. But due to a mix-up, she ends up meeting Prem Kishen (Roshan), an employee in Kumara��s firm, and has no idea that she is going to marry the wrong guy. By the time Kumar enters the scene, it is too late for Sanjana as she has fallen in love with Kishen. Who can come up with a solution for this quandary? After a series of flops including this one, Hrithik decided not to work opposite Kareena in lead roles.


    Sunday, January 10#

    The Last Stand (Action), Star Movies, 9 pm
    Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Sheriff Owens (Schwarzenegger) is an ex-LAPD cop who was relieved of his duties after a botched operation. He now mans the Sommerton Junction and seems to have resigned to this quiet life until he hears that Gabriel Cortez, a drug lord, has escaped FBI custody and is currently heading straight to Sommerton Junction with a hostage in a high-speed car. Initially reluctant, Owens decides to help the police try and stop Cortez. This was Schwarzenegger first lead role in a decade since Terminator 3 in 2003.

    The Prestige (Drama), HBO Hits, 5.23 pm
    Cast: Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson
    Once great friends and on-stage assistants, Robert Angier (Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Bale) become enemies after the latter is accused for the death of Angiera��s wife Julia. They turn rival magicians, until Angier traps Borden in a game of his own and lands him in jail. Angiera��s quest to get the secret behind Bordena��s greatest trick, The Transported Man, leads him down a dark path. The initials of the names of the leads read ABRA, borrowed from Abracadabra, a common term used by magicians.

    Delhi Belly (Comedy), Filmy, 12.30 pmSunday Delhi Belly
    Cast: Imran Khan, Vir Das
    Journalist Tashi photographer Nitin (Kapoor) and cartoonist Arup, are roommates in a Delhi apartment. Their life changes when Tashia��s fiancA�e, an air-hostess, has to deliver a package for Vladimir Dragunsky (Kim Bodnia). She asks Tashi to do, and he asks Nitin, who asks Arup to get it delivered. When the recipient of the package, a gangster, gets the wrong bag from Arup, chaos ensues. Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor refused offers to act in the movie.


    Our Pick

    India Unlocked: Indiaa��s Mega Kitchens Dharmasthala, National Geographic Channel, Tuesday, 10 pm
    This show takes you inside some of the mammoth kitchens across India. On Tuesday, the crew visit a kitchen in Dharmasthala, Karnataka, that has been serving over 40,000 pilgrims and visitors every day. It is being run by a family for over 21 generations.

    American Idol, Vh1, Saturday, 9 pm
    The 15th and final season of this music reality show will see episodes paying tribute to contestants and winners of the previous seasons. The show is currently judged by Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban. Dona��t miss the celebration.

    Man vs Wild, Discovery Channel, Sunday, 10 pm
    Watch adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls head to the Western Pacific region in search of a new challenge. Grylls will waTelewatch2de across a shark-infested tidal channel on a desert island, located south of Papua New Guinea. Later, he will also be seen climbing volcanic cliffs.

    Natural Born Hunters, Animal Planet, Saturday, 4 pmTelewatch4
    The adventurous duo of Steve Backshall and Barney Harwood talk about predators and their hunting methods in this series. In episode 11, they will show you what is common between a rattlesnake, a wasp and a komodo dragon.

    Forever Summer With Nigella, TLC, Friday, 10 pm
    In the final episode of the cookery show, Nigella Lawson will focus on the rich, spicy flavours of the southern and eastern Mediterranean regions. Watch the British food specialist rustle up Turkish cacik, saffron-scented chicken pilaf, Moroccan roast lamb and the dessert semifreddo in her inimitable culinary style.

    Strictly Shillong, Travel XP, Friday, 5 pm
    The show will take you to the streets of Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, where the crew will put the spotlight on the pork-rich delicacies of the region. Also learn about kyat, a local brew made from rice, besides a host of Chinese dishes (Shillong is known as the a�?Mecca of authentic Chinese fooda�� in India).



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