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Friday, February 19

Elysium (Action/Thriller),
Movies Now, 9 pm
Cast: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster
Ita��s 2154 and the poor have been left behind on Earth, to eke out a miserable existence, as the planeta��s resources have been exhausted. Meanwhile, the wealthy have set up base on an advanced space station, Elysium, that also stocks Med-Baysa��medical machines that can cure diseases. Max da Costa (Damon) is a former car thief, who gets exposed to radiation. In his attempts to get access to a Med-Bay, he also tries to steal information that will help the people on Earth become Elysian citizens. But before that he has to face the Elysian army. The movie takes place in the exact year that Avatar was set in.


The Impossible (Drama),
Sony Pix, 9 pm
Cast: Ewan McGregor,
Naomi Watts
A family of fivea��Henry Bennett (McGregor), wife Maria (Watts) and sons Lucas, Tomas and Simona��go to Khao, Thailand, for a Christmas holiday. The vacation soon turns disastrous after a massive tsunami hits the area, leading to the family getting separated in the ensuing confusion. Reunited with two of his sons, Bennett then sets out to find Maria and Lucas. Though the trio manage to get help from strangers, relatives and volunteers, will they find the others? Watts was nominated for the Best Actress award at the Academy Awards.


Saturday, February 20

Slumdog Millionaire (Drama),
Sony Pix, 8.36 am
Cast: Dev Patel, Freida Pinto
Jamal Malik (Patel) is in the middle of a dream run on the television show, Kaun Banega Crorepati. Hea��s just one question away from winning `20 million, when doubts are raised as to how a street urchin like him could come this far, and get all the answers right. Little do they know that each question is connected to a chapter from his childhooda��which he spent in the slums, growing up with his brother, meddling with local gangs and chasing his love, Latika (Pinto). But game host Prem Kumar (Anil Kapoor) and the police still have their suspicions. After Schindlera��s List (1993), this is the only movie to have won Best Picture, Screenplay and Director awards at the BAFTAs, Golden Globes, and Oscars.


Wild (Adventure/Drama), ?
Star Movies Select , 9 pm
Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern,
Gaby Hoffman?
Still reeling from the death of her mother and a divorce, Cheryl Strayed (Witherspoon) decides to go on a hike of over 1,000 miles on the Pacific Crest Traila��on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Despite a total lack of experience with such adventures, Cheryl powers through, meeting new people, drinking water from muddy puddles and even losing a boot. The journey soon turns therapeutic and helps her deal with her personal tragedies. Based on Cheryl Strayeda��s memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific.


Sunday, February 21

Taare Zameen Par (Drama), Zee Cinema, 9 pm
Cast: Aamir Khan, Darsheel Safary
Ishaan Awasthi (Safary) is a bright, creative child whose imagination knows no bounds. Sadly, he is unable to perform well at school, much to the dismay of his parents. After bad grades and fights with his parents, he is sent to a boarding school where he meets Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Khan), his art teacher. Nikumbh immediately realises that Ishaan is dyslexic and sets out to bring out the best in him through art. The title of the movie (meaning Stars on Earth) was suggested
by Salman Khan.


American Sniper (Biography/War?), ? HBO?, 9 pm
Cast: ?Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller
Texas boy Chris Kyle (Cooper) learned rifle shooting from his dad at a very young age. He grows up to be a ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy. But when he catches his girlfriend in bed with someone else, he is crushed and decides to change his life around and enlist in the Navy. With his knack for long-range shooting, he qualifies to be a US Navy Seala��s sniper. Meanwhile, he gets married to a girl he meets in a bar. He is then sent to Iraq, where his marksmanship earns him the name a�?Legenda��. But by his fourth mission, he becomes detached from his family and his PTSD is more pronounced. This movie earned Cooper his third consecutive Academy Award nomination.



our pick

Key & Peele, Colors Infinity,
Monday, 10.30 pm
Keagan Key and Jordan Peele are back with their famous sketch comedy show. In the fifth season, witness the drama ahead of a football game, meet president Barack Obama and his a�?anger translatora�� Luther, or watch Hillary Clinton with her translator Savanna. The show covers a variety of societal topics, and features pre-taped sketches.


American Ninja Warrior,
AXN, Friday, 9 pm
It is a spin-off of the Japanese television series, Sasuke, wherein competitors try to complete a series of obstacles. This sports entertainment competition will air its season five finale tonight. Tune into the show, which has been shot in Las Vegas, to find out who will bag the $500,000 cash prize and win the coveted title of a�?American Ninja Warriora��.


Vh1 Box Set S3,Vh1, Wednesday, 9 pm
Vh1 has curated an eclectic mix of songs for its listeners. The collection features tunes from American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter Jimi Hendrix, Australian musician and actor Michael Hutchence, primary songwriter of the rock band Nirvana Kurt Cobain, and English pop girl group The Spice Girls.



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