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Friday, April 15


The 7.39 (Drama/Romance),
Romedy Now, 9 pm
Cast: David Morrissey,
Sheridan Smith
They fought for a seat in a train,
but since then every time Carl
(Morrissey) and Sally
(Smith) meet on their way to work,
they end up having interesting
conversations. Their friendship
slowly turns into an affair, despite
Carl being married and Sally
engaged. They even spend a night
together in a hotel when the train
wasna��t running. But both are soon
faced with difficult choices to make. Released in the year 2014,
the film is named after the train that they take every day. .
Barfi (Comedy/Drama),
UTV Movies, 11.05 pm
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Ileana D’Souza,watch2
Priyanka Chopra
Set in the 70s, Barfi (Kapoor), a
hearing and speech impaired boy,
falls in love with Shruti (Da��Cruz),
who despite her affection for him,
bows to societal pressures and
marries someone else. Years later,
she meets him again, only to find
that Barfi is in search of a missing
autistic woman, Jhilmil (Chopra),
whom he is in love with. Shruti
decides to help him, but things get
complicated when Barfi is accused of kidnapping Jhilmil.
The movie was Indiaa��s official entry in the Best Foreign
Language Film category at the Academy Awards.



Saturday, April 16

The Shaukeens (Comedy/Drama), Zee Cinema HD, 9 pm
Cast: Lisa Haydon, Akshay Kumar
Lali (Anupam Kher), KD (Annu Kapoor) and Pinky
(Piyush Mishra) are three old men who are in the lastWATCH5

leg of their life. Keen to have fun, they head to
Mauritius for a holiday, where they meet Ahana
(Haydon). Ahana is addicted to social media, and she
hates it when her ex-boyfriend likes photos of other
girls. The story gets a twist when she sees Akshay
Kumar (Kumar) shooting for a song. Though she is an
ardent fan, the actor has a secret too. Nargis Fakhri
was initially considered for the role of Ahana.


Mr Peabody & Sherman (Animation/Comedy),
Movies Now, 9 pm
Cast: Ty Burrell, Max Charles
Mr Peabody (Burrel) is a dog who is a maverick
scientist and inventor whose pet innovation,
the WABAC machine, can take one into the
past. His adopted boy, Sherman (Charles), trieswatch3
to impress his school mate, Penny, by showing
her the machine, and accidentally sets it on.
After a roller-coaster time-travel, they end up
in Egypt, where King Tutankhamun wants to
marry Penny! Will they rewrite history? This
is the fourth film based on the animated
series, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.


Sunday,A�April 17

Oz The Great And The Powerful
(Fantasy/Adventure),Sony Pix, 8 pm
Cast: James Franco, Mila Kunis
Ita��s 1905 in Kansas, and Oscar Oz
Diggs (Franco), is caught redhanded
when a music box which he
handed to a woman whom heA�watch 4
seduced, is found by her husband.
When chased, Oz tries to flee in a
balloon from a circus.
Unfortunately, lightning strikes it
and he ends up in the Land of Oz,
where he meets three witches,
Theodora (Kunis), Evanora (Rachel
Wiesz) and Glinda (Michelle
Williams). Can Oz use his
illusionist powers to convince the
town and the witches that he is
indeed the wizard that people know
him to be? James Franco was
earlier seen in another of Sam
Raimia��s film projects a�� the
original Spiderman franchise

Jupiter Ascending (Sci-Fi/Fantasy), HBO, 9 pm
Cast: Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum
Set in a time where Eartha��s residents are
unaware that life on all habitable planets were
established by dynasties of aliens and
transhumans, the movie revolves around
Jupiter Jones (Kunis) who, though born on
Earth, has a genetic connection to the biggest
alien dynasty, The House of Abrasax. She
might even be the heir to its now empty throne.
But before she makes her move, she needs
answers, especially when Caine Wise (Tatum)
has been sent to track her down. The script of
this movie was over 600 pages long.

Our Pick

Superstore, Comedy Central,A�Thursday, 10 pm
The American TV series, about a
diverse set of employees working at
a Midwestern big box store called
Cloud 9, is heading for its first seasona��s
finale next week. In the last episode,
you will see the pregnant teen
employee, Cheyenne, go into labour
and how her colleagues snap into
action to deliver the baby.

Cruise Ship Diaries,Nat Geo People HD, Friday, 9.30 pm

Set sail on a superliner and go behind the
scenes for a look at how cruise ships function,
the effort that goes into keeping passengers
satisfied and more. In this episode,
the Costa Favolosaa��s maiden
journey comes to an end.

Lonely Planet Six Degrees,A�TLC HD, Friday, 11 pm

This show seeks to show viewers what
makes every great city special a�� its people.
The tourists featured arrive at a new city
with just one point of contact. They then
use the contact to meet others during
their stay. This episode goes off the
tourist track and takes you into the
hidden gems in Tokyo.


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