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    Wild Card (Action/ Thriller), HBO, 7.10 pmA�cat2
    Cast: Jason Statham,Dominik Garcia, Milo Ventimiglia
    Nick Wild (Statham) is a gambling addict, who sustainsA�his addiction by working as bodyguard for wealthy gamblersA�in Las Vegas. When Holly (Garcia) seeks Wilda��s helpA�to track down three men, who had raped her the previousA�night, he agrees to help. After identifying the perpetratorA�as Danny DeMarco (Ventimiglia) a gangster, Wild andA�Holly barge into the hotel where he is staying and soon noverpower him and his goons. After forcing him to payA�$50,000, Holly splits the amount with Wild and leaves theA�town. But little does Wild know that DeMarcoa��s men wereA�not done with him yet. The movie is based on the 1985 novel,A�Heat, written by William Goldman.

    catSaturday, June 25
    Baby (Thriller/ Action),A�Star Gold, 4.20 pmA�Cast: Akshay Kumar, DannyA�Denzongpa, Taapsee Pannu
    After the 2008 Mumbai attacks,A�a task force code named Baby isA�created. When secret agent AjayA�Singh Rajput (Kumar) on a missionA�to Turkey captures a doubleA�agent, it is revealed that terroristsA�are planning a bomb blast atA�a Delhi mall. Rajput works withthe Baby team to intercept aA�A�secret meeting between the terrorists, but the plan getsfoiled and all his team members get killed. It is nowA�A�revealed from another arrest in Nepal that master terroristBilal is in Saudi Arabia meeting up with anotherA�terrorist to discuss finances. How will Rajput avoid theA�red tape and run a mission outside India? Baby wasA�banned by the Censor Board of Pakistan alleging thatA�the movie misrepresented Muslims and Pakistan.

    Prem Ratan Dhan PayoA�(Drama), Star Gold, 7 pmA�Cast: Salman Khan, SonamA�Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh
    After his engagement withA�Princess Maithili (Kapoor),A�crown prince Yuvraj VijayA�Singh (Khan) escapes a neardeath experience.A�Masterminded by hisA�step-brother YuvrajA�Ajay Singh (Mukesh)A�and his managerA�Chirag Singh. Result:A�Vijay slipping into aA�coma. Meanwhile, aA�lookalike of Vijay,A�Prem Dilwale (Khan),A�is spotted and isA�quickly asked to takeA�VIjaya��s place untilA�the latter recovers.A�Maithili, who has noA�clue about the covertA�plan, falls in loveA�with Prem, after initiallyA�disliking Vijay.A�Can Prem hide theA�truth long enough?A�Deepika Padukone,A�Kareena Kapoor andA�Sonakshi SinhaA�were consideredfor the role ofPrincess Maithili

    The Butler (Drama/ Biography),A�HBO hits, 9 pmCast: Oprah Winfrey, ForestWhitaker, John CusackA�cat3
    Loosely based on the life of butlerA�Eugene Allen, who servedA�the White House for 34 years,A�the movie opens with an elderlyA�Cecil Gaines (Whitaker)A�recounting his experiencesA�with eight presidents.A�Beginning work underA�President Dwight DA�Eisenhower, and working forA�the Kennedys and Reagans,A�Gaines witnesses key events like the Vietnam War.A�Being an African American, Gaines also experiencesA�discrimination and the unequal pay system. To makeA�matters worse his wife Gloria (Winfrey) turns into anA�alcoholic. Director Lee Daniels originally wantedA�Barack Obama to appear as himself in the movie, butA�A�later abandoned the plan as the movie was filmedamidst the 2012 presidential election.

    cat4Dumber and Dumber To (Comedy),
    Movies Now, 1 pm and 9 PM
    Cast: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Laurie Holden
    Taking place two decades after the sequel, Lloyd
    (Carrey) is confined to a mental asylum before being
    whisked away by Harry (Daniels). Harry reveals that
    he has a failing kidney and the Lloyd-Harry duo head to
    meet Harrya��s parents, who cana��t help him as he was
    adopted. Going through old mails, Harry discovers that
    his ex-girlfriend had delivered a baby girl, Penny, manyA�years ago. On learning that Penny was given up forA�adoption, the duo go after her thinking she can donate aA�kidney. The To in the movie title is not misspelled andA�meant two in Danish and Norwegian.

    Tomorrowland (Mystery/ Sci-Fi), Star Movies, 1 pm and 9 PMA�Cast: George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Lauriecat5
    In a world without dimensions of space and time where parallelA�universes exist, Frank Walker (Clooney), an inventor isA�handed a Tomorrowland pin by a mysterious girl, whichA�allows him teleport himself to the World of TomorrowlandA�a�� a utopian future city. Meanwhile, Casey NewtonA�(Robertson) a teen, who tries to sabotage a NASA mission,A�also gets the Tomorrowland pin, but the battery runs outA�and she is unable to teleport herself. Soon it is found thatA�it was Athena, a droid from Tomorrowland who wasA�behind the pin a��she wants both Walker and Newton toA�build a device to save the world from an apocalypse.A�Tomorrowland was originally imagined by Walt Disneyin the 1950s as an expression of the future world.


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