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    Friday, July 1A�

    Badlapur (Action/ Drama), badlapur
    &pictures, 10.12 pm
    Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Varun Dhawan
    After losing his wife and son in a bank robbery that went wrong, Raghu (Dhawan) is seeking vengeance. While one of the culprits, Liak (Siddiqui), is jailed for 20 years, his partner, who escapes with the stolen money, is still absconding. After 15 years, when a cancer-ridden Liaka��s sentence is terminated on humanitarian grounds, he realises that Raghu is still thirsting for revenge and will not rest till he finds his partner in crime. Badlapura��s plot is inspired by Italian author Massimi Carlottoa��s novel, Deatha��s Dark Abyss.

    Man from U.N.C.L.E (Action/Adventure),
    HBO, 9 pm
    Cast: Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander
    Set in 1963, CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Cavill), a former thief-turned-government official, has been instructed to locate and extract nuclear scientist and US collaborator, Udo Tellera��s daughter, Gaby Teller (Vikander), from East Berlin. Solo struggles to complete his mission even as KGB official Illya Kuryakin (Hammer) tries to block his every move. But a dramatic turn of events sees Solo in a joint operation with Kuryakin and Gabya��trying to protect Udoa��s valuable research from falling into the hands of Nazi sympathisers. Tom Cruise was initially considered for the role of Napoleon Solo.

    Saturday, July 2

    Grown Ups 2 (Comedy), A�Grown
    Romedy Now, 11.30 pm
    Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James,
    Chris Rock, David Spade
    Set three years after the first movie, Grown Ups 2 opens with the four friends dealing with a new range of issues. While Lenny Feder (Sandler) has a new baby, ita��s parenting troubles for Eric Lamonsoff (James), whereas Kurt McKenzie (Rock) feels neglected in hisA�married life and Marcus Higgins (Spade) finds out that he has aA�17-year-old son.Soon things go out of hand when A�Lennya��s childhood bully turns up and the four are forced to face their A�issues. Sandlera��s real-life wife, A�Jackie, and their daughters, Sadie and Sunny, make a guest appearance
    in this movie.

    Inception (Sci-Fi/Fantasy), A�Inception
    Movies now, 11.55 pm
    Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, JosephA�Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard
    Partners in corporate espionage, Dom Dominick Cobb (Dicaprio) and Arthur (Levitt) assist clients in extracting valuable information from people by invading their subconscious via shared dreamscapes. When a client, Saito, asks them to do something entirely newa��to plant an idea in the head of his competitor, energy conglomerate leader Maurice Fischera��the duo is pushed to come up with a multi-layered dreamscape using the help of a chemist, an architect and an identity forger. But Cobba��s attempts are disrupted by a projection of his late wife. The first letters of the main characters form the word a�?Dreamsa��.

    Well Wishes Well
    (Drama/Romance), Netflix
    Cast: Shane Callahan,
    Cullen Moss, Nick Basta A�Miles (Callahan) loses his job over a coin-toss with his boss, Shane (Basta), and sets out to build his own business empire. His idea is simplea��harvest coins from wishing wells and fountains in the guise of fountain maintenance. Joined by his best friend, Jack (Moss), Miles manages to acquire more than he expected, which compels him to pursue the fountains in North Carolina. But the
    road ahead isna��t easy as wealth and happiness doesna��t always coincide. The shoot took place over 65 locations in a matter of 29 days.

    Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (Comedy/ Romance), A�Ajp
    Movies OK, 12.40 pm
    Cast: Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Upen Patel
    Prem is a carefree youngster who meets Jenny while trying to help his friends elope. Bonding over sharing a common traita��stuttering during emotional situationsa��they eventually become friends. Jenny is in love with her colleague, Rahul (Patel), but is trapped in a marriage alliance to Tony, a man chosen by her family. Meanwhile, Prem falls in love with Jenny but decides to keep aside his feelings and help her convince her family to accept Rahul. Shahid Kapoor was initially approached for the role of Prem.



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