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    Ek Paheli Leela (Thriller/Drama),
    UTV Movies, 11.15 pm

    Cast: Sunny Leone, Jay Bhanushali,1
    Shivani TanksaleRadhika (Tanksale), a fashion photographer,wants supermodel Meera (Leone) to be partof an advertisement shoot in Rajasthan.Unfortunately, Meera is afraid of flying andrefuses the assignment. With the help of afriend, Radhika gets Meera drunk and gets her on board. Though initially angered,Meera eventually calms down when she reaches Rajasthan. She even falls in love with a prince. However,
    things change when Radhikaa��s brother, Karan (Bhanushali), follows her to the shoota��after a godman tells him that his recurring nightmare has something to do with Meera and his previous life.Director Bobby Khan claimed that A-list Bollywood stars refused the film because of Leonea��s presence


    2Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (Biopic), Star Gold, 7 pm
    Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Sonam Kapoor,
    Based on the life of Indiaa��s veteran athleteMilkha Singh (Akhtar), the movie trackshis life, right from his childhooda��when he
    ends up in a refugee camp after losing his parents in the violence following thePartition. After competing in a race, whichgot the winners milk and bread, he isnoticed by an army officer. He is sooninducted into the army, where he breaks thenational record in sprinting and finds a spotin the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. But partying the night before tires him out and he loses the race. But, determined to beat the world record for 400 metres, the Flying Sikh decides to train harder. Singh took only a rupee from the sale of the movie rights andrequested that the rest be donated to the Milkha Singh Charitable Trust for emerging sportspeople

    Santa Banta Pvt Ltd (Comedy),
    Zee Cinema HD, 11.10 pm4
    Cast: Vir Das, Boman Irani, Vijay Raaz
    When the Indian High Commissionerin Fiji is kidnapped, corrupt Indianagent Arvind (Raaz) sends the ineptSanta (Irani) and Banta (Das) to the rescue because he knows they are bound to fail. The duo tail the wife of the kidnapped diplomat, looking for clues, but then bungle everything up by also following a girl named Cutie, mistaking her for a secret agent with the same name. What follows is a comedy of errors and how the duo chances upon the kidnappers. The movie faced legal issues as the Sikh community went to court citing the characters were stereotypical and ridiculed the community

    T-Rex (Biography), Netflix
    Cast: Claressa Shields, Bo
    Shields, Jason Crutchfield The movie is based on the true story of American boxer Claressa Shields (played by herself), who was born into
    poverty but became the youngest and first American woman boxer to win a gold at the Olympics. It follows Claressaa��s difficult life growing up when her father (Bo Shields), a boxer himself, is incarcerated for seven years. Released from prison, Bo wants to pass on his skills to a boy, but
    reluctantly teaches Claressa, who is also doubtful of her own abilities. It is her grandmother who encourages her and eventually she participates in local leagues before entering the 2012 London Olympics. In 2014, Shields adopted her cousina��s child, to prevent an abortion due to lack of funds.

    Exists (Horror), Star Movies
    Action, 10.40 pm3
    Cast: Chris Osborn, Brian Steele,
    Samuel Davis
    Brothers Brian (Osborn) and Matt (Davis), along with three of their friends, leave on a camping trip to the woods. As they are driving, the day suddenly turns dark and the car hits a mysterious creature. Though they hear painful wails, the creature vanishes among the trees. As day breaks, the team reaches the cabin. When they go to the lake for a swim, Brian notices a large hairy creature, but the others dona��t believe him. To prove them wrong, he sets up GoPro cameras to capture the creature on film. Meanwhile, a series of mysterious incidents start occurring in the cabin. The moviea��s antagonist is inspired by the controversial Big Foot, which has allegedly been captured on film multiple times.

    Dragon Blade (Action), WB, 8.30 pm5
    Cast: Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody
    In 48 BC China, Huo An (Chan) heads the Silk Road protection squad, which strives to preserve peace in the region. After preventing a battle with the Indians, it is revealed that someone in the squad is corrupt, which leads to the entire group being sentenced to hard labour at Wild Geese Gate, a ruined fortress. A Roman legion headed by Lucius (Cusack) tries to enter the property, as they are short on supplies, but is prevented by Huo An. Ultimately, he and the legion make peace, but it is soon revealed that Tiberius (Brody), a corrupt consul with over 1,00,000 soldiers, is tailing Lucius, which threatens the peace in the region. This is the seventh film starring Jackie Chan with the
    name dragon in the title.


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