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    People Places Things, Sony Le Plex, 9 pm
    Cast: Jemaine Clement, Stephanie Allynne, Regina Hall
    Graphic novelist Henrya��s (Clement) life takes a turn for the worse
    when his partner, and mother of their fiveyear-
    old twins, Charlie (Allynne) leaves
    him for an artiste named Gary. Henry
    attempts dating others, and even goes on a
    dinner date with Diane (Regina Hall), a
    40-year-old single mother, but nothing
    works out. Though he is a loving father,
    nothing prepares him for Charliea��s unexpected
    decision to drop off the twins at his
    home, declaring that parenting is not for
    her. But is Henry ready to be a full-time
    father? Hall had tried to become a nun after
    a bad break up, but the 40-year-old actress
    was turned away because of her age

    Creature (Horror/ Fantasy) Star Gold, 9.45 pm
    Cast: Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas, Mukul Dev
    Ahanaa��s (Basu) new resort in Himachal Pradesh is fraught with
    difficulties. Soon after its opening, a staff
    member and a couple mysteriously turn
    up dead. Kunal Anand (Abbas), a novelist
    whom Ahana met at the resorta��s opening,
    offers to help. They soon get romantically
    involved. After a second attack they realise
    that they are dealing with a brahmarakshas,
    a 10-foot man-eating mutant. Ahana
    and Anand go to Shimla in search of an
    expert to kill the monster. Meanwhile,
    Kunal has secrets that could ruin their
    relationship. Creature is Basua��s seventh
    horror film, which made the media name
    her the a�?Scream Queen of Bollywooda��.

    Futuro Beach (Drama), Netflix
    Cast: Wagner Moura, Clemens Schick,
    Jesuita Barbosa
    Donato (Moura), a lifeguard at a Brazilian
    beach, is wracked with guilt when he fails to
    save a German tourist from drowning.
    Working with the drowned mana��s friend,
    Konrad (Schick), to recover the body, Donato
    develops a relationship with him. Subsequently,
    he accompanies Konrad to Berlin. In this journey
    of self discovery, he soon realises that he
    misses Brazil and his 10-year-old brother
    Ayrton (Barbosa). While his brother
    considers him a hero, calling
    him Aquaman, Donato struggles
    to get his confidence
    back. During Futuro Beacha��s
    premiere at the Gramado
    Film Festival, many walked
    out due to its explicit
    sex scenes.

    Southpaw (Drama), Star Movies Select, 9 pm
    Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Oona Laurence
    World light heavyweight boxing champion, Billy (Gyllenhaal),
    is challenged to a bout by another boxer, Miguel (Gomez). At the
    press conference preceding the fight, Miguel taunts Billy and
    his wife, which results in a scuffle that ends in Miguela��s brother
    shooting Billya��s wife. Grief stricken, Billy abandons his boxing
    career, becomes addicted to alcohol, sinks into debt and loses
    his home. But when child services take away his daughter, Leila
    (Laurence), he finds work as a cleaner in a gym, and with the
    help of trainer Titus (Whitaker), attempts to fix his life and
    get back to boxing. Rapper Eminem was originally cast
    in the role of Billy, but he had to drop out because of
    his music schedules.

    Rocky Handsome (Action), Sony Max, 8 pm
    Cast: John Abraham, Diya Chalwad, Nishikant Kamat
    Rocky (Abraham) leads a quiet life, running a pawn shop in Goa. He
    shares a special bond with his neighbour, Naomi (Chalwad), a young girl
    who addresses him as Handsome. Naomia��s mother is a bar dancer and
    drug addict, who steals from a drug consignment belonging to a powerful
    drug king pin, Mantoo (Kamat). She hides the illegal cache inside a camera,
    which she pawns to Rocky. When Mantooa��s men come in search of the
    drugs, Rocky is pulled into the heist and they falsely implicate him in a
    murder. When Rocky escapes a police interrogation, they dig into his
    past, revealing his work as a Special Forces operative. Rocky Handsome is
    the official remake of the 2010 Korean movie, The Man from Nowhere.

    Ted 2 (Comedy), Sony Pix, 1 pm and 9 pm
    Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried
    Six months after the prequel, John (Wahlberg) is divorced, as his
    wife couldna��t stand Ted, the living teddy bear.
    Meanwhile, Ted (MacFarlane) is married to
    his girlfriend. When the two try to adopt a
    child, the court rules that Ted is a toy and does
    not have the same rights as a human being.
    John and Ted approach lawyer Samantha
    (Seyfried) to challenge the courta��s decision.
    Adding to their troubles is Hasbro, the toy company
    that made Teda��they now want him back,
    so that they can create more living teddy bears.
    The original plot involved John and Ted transporting
    a large shipment of drugs, but the story
    was changed after Wea��re the Millers came out
    with a similar script.


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