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    a�?Strangersa�� is the theme for 7 stories this weekend

    Be a part of the second season of Tell-A-Thon a�� a storytelling eventA� by the Bangalore Storytelling Society (BSS), where seven professional storytellers will entertain adult audiences with stories woven around a�?strangers and everything strange.a�� Each participant will get five plus one minutes to convey their tales to the gathering. a�?The session is somewhat inspired from The Moth a�� a non-profit group based in New York, dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling,a�? shares event organiser Vikram Sridhar, adding a�?the goal of the event is to erase the misconception that stories are only meant for kids.a�?

    On the cards
    The session kicks off at 5 pm with Sowmya Srinivasan presenting her adapted version of The Town Where Nobody Got Off by American writer Ray Bradbury a�� a story about two strangers who can second guess each other. a�?I chose this because ita��s my favourite,a�? says Srinivasan, who, apart from loving stories, got into storytelling because she felt it was creative and a�?not so mundane.a��

    Also watch out for Deeptha Vivekanand, a learning consultant at a leading IT company in the city. Her tryst with the ancient art began after she attended a storytelling workshop in 2009 where she realised she was a�?sort of a naturala��. She has since told thousands of stories to adults and children and also started a company called Ever After a�� geared towards nurturing young minds through stories. She will present The Promise by Anna Conomos, (taken from a collection of short stories called Twice A Stranger). Up next is Padmaja Nagarur who builds up interest around her original personal tale by only disclosing, a�?It talks about the stranger in me.a�? Elusive yet mysterious, we say.

    Also watch out for Falak Randerian with another original tale about a guy and a girl who meet on the plane, called That Stranger, Champa Saha with Face In The Wall by EV Lucas, and Aparna Athreyaa��s Strange Ways Of Love. Last on the list is Dirish Mohana��s Mid Day Bus a�� a quirky recollection of a bus ride through the city.

    Rs. 150. At Kala Rasa Art House, Jayanagar. Details: 9945799224

    a��Avinash Kumai


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