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    ‘Strangers’ is the theme for 7 stories this weekend

    Be a part of the second season of Tell-A-Thon — a storytelling event  by the Bangalore Storytelling Society (BSS), where seven professional storytellers will entertain adult audiences with stories woven around ‘strangers and everything strange.’ Each participant will get five plus one minutes to convey their tales to the gathering. “The session is somewhat inspired from The Moth — a non-profit group based in New York, dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling,” shares event organiser Vikram Sridhar, adding “the goal of the event is to erase the misconception that stories are only meant for kids.”

    On the cards
    The session kicks off at 5 pm with Sowmya Srinivasan presenting her adapted version of The Town Where Nobody Got Off by American writer Ray Bradbury – a story about two strangers who can second guess each other. “I chose this because it’s my favourite,” says Srinivasan, who, apart from loving stories, got into storytelling because she felt it was creative and ‘not so mundane.’

    Also watch out for Deeptha Vivekanand, a learning consultant at a leading IT company in the city. Her tryst with the ancient art began after she attended a storytelling workshop in 2009 where she realised she was ‘sort of a natural’. She has since told thousands of stories to adults and children and also started a company called Ever After – geared towards nurturing young minds through stories. She will present The Promise by Anna Conomos, (taken from a collection of short stories called Twice A Stranger). Up next is Padmaja Nagarur who builds up interest around her original personal tale by only disclosing, “It talks about the stranger in me.” Elusive yet mysterious, we say.

    Also watch out for Falak Randerian with another original tale about a guy and a girl who meet on the plane, called That Stranger, Champa Saha with Face In The Wall by EV Lucas, and Aparna Athreya’s Strange Ways Of Love. Last on the list is Dirish Mohan’s Mid Day Bus – a quirky recollection of a bus ride through the city.

    Rs. 150. At Kala Rasa Art House, Jayanagar. Details: 9945799224

    —Avinash Kumai


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