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    Know your music and dance? Find out how much at the fourth Artsa�� Quotient Quiz .

    If youa��re an avid quizzer and a keen fan of the performing arts, pull out your yoga mats! As odd as it sounds, 136.1 Yoga Studio will be playing host to the fourth edition of Artsa�� Quotient Quiz, an attempt to take arts beyond the auditorium by the performing arts company, Aalaap.
    Be it a recent concert featuring five prominent Carnatic exponents exploring the audava (five note) ragas, or the monthly concerts at a boutique in the city, Aalaap has been behind unique events. a�?Ita��s our idea to curate experiences for people to engage with the arts in an informal way, and we thought why not have a quiz exclusively on the performing arts,a�? says founder Akhila Krishnamurthy. From Carnatic music to Chauu dance, Mohiniyattam exponents as well as the Tetseo Sisters, the quiz will cover the entire country, she adds. There will also be a live performance and brief lecture-demonstration by a celebrity, on which one of the six rounds will be based. Hosting the quiz is Sundararaman Chinthamani, who has authored a guide to Carnatic music using film songs and is also a member of the Quiz Foundation of India.
    Twenty four teams (of three members each) will get to participate. a�?The number of participating teams has doubled since the last year,a�? says Payal Chhabria, chief operating officer. That includes 70-year-olds as well as an 11-year-old who is a music lover. a�?Once a quizzer, always a quizzer. So wea��re hopeful of meeting some of our regulars from the past three editions,a�? Krishnamurthy adds.
    On April 3, at 4 p zm, at 136.1 Yoga Studio, Alwarpet. Registrations open till the event date or till 24 teams are formed. Details: facebook.com/theaalaap

    a��Sharadha Narayanan


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