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    Tom Yum Thai is the result of three friends who couldna��t get enough of the cuisine.


    Thai food is no stranger to the city, and there are probably more versions of it here than in Thailand itself. So what matters most is how close the desi version is to what is typically Thai. And thata��s what this restaurant is out to achieve. Owned by three friends, who prefer to remain anonymous, Tom Yum Thai, which opened less than two months ago, brings to the city the southeast Asian flavours that we have all grown to love.

    This relaxed rooftop restaurant, part of which is covered, is adorned with paintings of traditional Muay Thai, the tuk tuks of Thailand, a Buddhist temple, and so on a�� just to set the mood you see.
    With a slice of Thailand around us, we did begin to wonder if the food too will come close to the famous holiday hotspot. We began with a prawn tom yum soup, but obviously. Fresh, and aromatic, with just about the right hint of lemongrass, chilli, and a dash of Thai fish sauce, with tender prawns, the soup set the course for a hearty meal ahead.
    Of all tfood8lead4he starters we tried, the prawn basil, which stood out the most.food8lead7

    The gentle bite from the chilli sauce worked really well with this dish. Even the steamed seabass in lemon sauce, with its subtle tanginess, was delicious. Freshness of ingredient, and flavour aside, what made each of thA�e starters special is the fact that all the sauces used are made inhouse, with spices being sourced directly from Thailand.

    For main course, we got the pad Thai with chicken, and Thai green curry with chicken, with rice. Yes, ita��s a bit predictable, but classics are always a good way to gauge a kitchen. I like the pea brinjal in the curry, even though customers can order it without, given that it does add a hint of bitterness to the dish.
    The pad Thai doesna��t disappoint either. The spice levels were right for our palate, and that is good enough. What one must check out though is the Tom Yum Nam Khon (tom yum in coconut milk) with a serving of rice. Ita��s basically a version of the tom yum soup (in either veg, chicken, prawn, or mixed seafood) but cooked in a mild coconut gravy. The flavours are quite delicate, and yet nothing seems missing. It appears to be quite a hit among the expats in the area.
    The bar menu here doesna��t go beyond wines though, so no cocktails or beer to go with the food.
    Rs. 1,000 (for two) At CMH Road, Indiranagar. For lunch and dinner. Details: tomyumthai.in

    a�� Nandini Kumar


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