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    For a change of pace, try a truly indulgent veggie spread

    Thalis, especially elaborate ones, are just perfect for lazy diners with big appetites. And if you enjoy that bit of extra fuss and attention (sandalwood tikka greetings, cold towelettes, hovering stewards and elaborate tableware), head to the newly launched Rasovara for a curated mix of Rajasthani, Gujarati and even a few Maharashtrian dishes.

    28page8lead3The scroll-like menu gives you a fair indication of whata��s to come, and there is a lot as the welcome drinks (we found them a tad too sweet) appear in shot glasses, along with a quick succession of steamed and fried starters on a neat oval brass platter lined with a banana leaf. Dhoklas and chaat share space with more unusual tiny bite-sized cutlets and rolls along with an assortment of dips. Then you need to just sit back and go with the flow. A familiar dal-bati-churma trio served up with crumbled gur and a generous dollop of ghee, while the waitstaff keep the multiple bowls on your platter filled with deliciously traditional kadia��s, dals, paneer and gatte ki sabzis to be enjoyed with flatbreads drizzled with more ghee. Desserts are not taken lightly either so keep that in mind. Rs.1,500 ++ for two. At UB City Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 22133400

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