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Girish And The Chronicles pays tribute to the legendary rock band Guns na�� RosesA�Growing up in the a��80s and early a��90s meant practising riffs from songs of their favourite rock and roll bands, sporting T-shirts with their rock gurus printed on them.

This is how Girish And The Chronicles (GATC) grew up as well in Gangtok. Attempting to strum guitars like Slash and humming the vocals of Sweet Child Oa�� Mine was their favourite past time. On Friday, GATC will relive those memories as they pay tribute to their all-time favourite band a�� Guns na�� Roses, only a day before the legendary guitarist Slash takes the stage in the city.

a�?Incidentally, we performed for the first time in 2009, and that was also on a Friday the 13th! As school kids we idolised the band, performed their songs in inter-school competitions and this tribute can be considered as a festival opening for my gurus. This one is for you, Slash,a�? says Girish Pradhan, echoing the sentiments of his band members.

a�?Guns na�� Roses made us believe in rock and roll, to never waver our faith in it and inspired us to get into music, and make careers of our own,a�? says the 29-year-old.

At the show, the four-member band will perform numbers such as November Rain, Welcome to The Jungle, Paradise City, Dona��t Cry, Estranged, and You Could Be Mine among others. a�?We will be performing songs from their album Appetite for Destruction and Use your Illusion 1 and 2,a�? he adds.

Since they got together in 2009, GATC have created an audience for themselves with electrifying live shows and their ability to dole out numbers from any genre. However, they stick to their core which is classic hard rock, heavy metal influenced by 70s and 80s era from bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Metallica. Eagles and Guns and Roses. They are the only band from Sikkim thata��s travelled across cities, and performed abroad. As for the show on Friday, one can expect a cracker of a performance, a�?Ita��s going to be heavy and full of energy,a�? he signs off.
November 13. 9pm. bFlat, 100Ft Road, Indiranagar. Tickets (Rs.400) at the venue. Details: 25278361
a�� Nandini Kumar


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