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    Build bamboo fences or sign up for Brazilian martial arts along the coast this weekend

    Back in the circuit
    CafA� Des Arts has opened its doors after a summer break, with a whole new selection of exotic salads and mango flavoured summer beverages. Watch out for their green and red gazpachos , zucchini and feta salad with sesame seeds and a variety of crepes and sandwich platters. From Rs 90 onwards. Details: 9994481914

    Kerity-la-maison-des-contesChild-sized wonder
    Awaken the child in you with Kerity La Maison Des Contes, an animated French feature film is to be screened
    at the Alliance FranA�aise de PondichA�ryA�this Sunday. The movie chronicles the story of a boy who embarks on a mission to save his fairy- tale friends from the danger of losing their fairy tale world .A�6 pmA�onwards
    Details: 0413 2334351

    Game oncapoeira-ECR-1
    This weekend, test your resistance and flexibility with Capoeira , the Brazilian martial art that is a blend of aerobics, dance and defence.The classes conducted by Samuka Da India have been put together to form an exciting workout.At La Casita,A�at Rs 350 per session everyA� Friday and Wednesday. Details 7639405194


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