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Featuring A�our pick of A�homemade Xa��mas cakes made of fruits soaked in A�alcohol for a year to the eggless variety

Christmas is almost here and it is that time of the season when a lot of people love to put home-made traditional Christmas cakes on their feast tables. But baking cakes in huge bulk batches is not easy and many city folks prefer getting the goodies this festive season from home bakers. While most bakers prefer to receive orders beforehand, there are some who dona��t mind delivering cakes even at the
eleventh hour. Be it gingerbread, fruit cakes, envelope cakes or marzipans. We bring you what they have on offer and what it takes for them to deliver Christmas goodies to your house this festive season:

Text: Saima Afreen


Fruit cakes

Many confectioners use artificial flavours, but at Labonel – The baked cakes are just like homemade ones as they dona��t use preservatives or artificial flavouring agents. Owner-cum-baker Mehnaz has a huge bakery adjoining her house in Banjara Hills and another in Gachibowli. She shares, a�?We have on offer short breads, fruit cakes, plum cakes and gingerbread. This season, we have Golden Fruit Cake. We put dry fruits, figs and raisins in it. The fruits are soaked for one month. The cake turns out to be golden in colour, hence the name.a�? She smiles at sharing the secret ingredient but says, a�?Use of quality butter makes all the difference.a�? They take orders a week before the festival. For this festive season, they have got orders in bulk for Golden Fruit Cake. Price: Rs 1,600 per kg. Details: 23358257

Eggless cakes

The vegetarians needna��t lose heart this Christmas as they can relish eggless fruit cakes. Smrithya��s Home Bakers at Gachibowli has it for you. Every year their signature item – the eggless rich fruit cake – is sold out quickly. The exclusive nuts and fruits that they use makes this cake worth a try even for non-vegetarians. Shares Smrithy, the home baker, a�?I started baking from home for the past two years. We use fruit peels of tangerines along with cashewnuts and walnuts. I soak the fruits for at least four months. Ita��s the ratio that is the most important. The amount used decides the final outcome of the taste.a�? They get orders in bulk and the same can be placed a week before the festival. Price: Rs 1,800 per kg. Details: 9948297524

Plum cakes

That lovely aroma of traditional plum cakes announces the arrival of the Christmas party. The longer the fruits are soaked in rum, the tastier the cakes become when they are put in the batter. Thata��s why plum cakes baked by Prity S are popular. She operates out of her home in Nallakunta. She shares, a�?I use fruits soaked for one year in rum as it brings that extra, heady taste. For people with non-alcoholic preferences, I use fruit juice. I get a lot of customers who want both these types of fruit cakes.a�? The order has to be placed a week before the delivery date. She sells plum cakes by kilos which can be bought at Rs 1,500 per kg. Details: 9394304971


They are believed to have originated in Persia and then brought to Europe. Made from almonds and sugar, these are everyonea��s favourite during Christmas. At Ruthiea��s Home Bakers, Banjara Hills, marzipans are sought for their unique shapes and vibrant colours. Shares Ruthie, the baker, a�?We make marzipans shaped as fruits like watermelons and apples. We use sugar and almonds, no artificial flavours.a�? She selects premium food colours from super markets as the colouring agents for marzipans. Also available at her bakery are chocolate yule logs, plum puddings and fruit cupcakescakes. Orders can be placed three days before Christmas. They sell it for Rs 1,500 per kg. Details: 9052662545

Themed cupcakes

Whata��s Christmas without some snow flakes or bells on your cakes? Well, thata�?s what Aditi G Kumar, a home baker, based at Banjara hills, has been doing. She bakes cup cakes for Christmas decorating them with colourful icing designs like cute Santas or bells. She shares, a�?I am baking cupcakes with Christmas colours. I use sprinklers and red flowers with royal icing. If a customer wants I use fondant also. The theme is of winter with snow flakes, mountains etc. Customers also choose the
decorations. I take bulk orders of minimum 250 pieces one week in advance.a�? Price Rs 50 per cupcake. Details: 9849203040


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