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    Liam Hemsworth on Independence Day, both at age 7 and now.

    HOLLYWOOD actor Liam Hemsworth, in the news recently for his relationship with pop star Miley Cyrus, will be back on the screen with the much-awaited sequel to the 1996 cult classic Independence Day. Here, the 26-year-old Hunger Games actor talks about what it was like working with the original star cast and the challenges of special effects on the sets.

    Who is Jake Morrison?
    Jake Morrison has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He lost his parents in the first attack and sort of spent his life thinking about the return of these aliens and preparing for it. He joins the military and becomes a fighter pilot, quite a good one, but he makes a silly mistake and has his wings clipped temporarily when hea��s sent to the moon to work as a forklift driver.

    How was it working with members of the original cast?
    It was great. Jeff (Goldblum) is amazing. I had a few scenes with Bill (Pullman), hea��s such a genuinely kind and fascinating guy. I really enjoyed spending time with him after work. As President Whitmore, he gave one of the most iconic speeches wea��ve ever heard in a film.

    Youa��ve had experience with movies that have visual effects. Was this one different?
    It wasna��t too different from TheA� Hunger Games. Some amazing sets were built andA� there are also a lot of special effects that come into play. The flying scenes were always tough because youa��re sitting in a spaceship set and then youa��ve got to navigate your way through the scene just hoping for the best. You do feel quite vulnerable and out of place, because most of the time youa��re not reacting to another actor, youa��re reacting off what someone is telling you is happening, which is a whole different art.

    How strange is it to appear in a sequel to something you watched as a child?
    It was definitely a bit of a mind trip at first. I was seven years old when I saw the original film, so to be doing the second filmA�20 years later, ita��s something I never dreamed of. It was a fun, exciting day turning up to work with Jeff and being part of this special, big, epic movie.

    Independence Day: Resurgence releases today in India

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