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The IT sector maybe on an upswing and presents a rosy picture of software companies, but dig deeper and you will find office politics, boss-employee face-offs and everyonea��s favourite – the intern scandals across. Hyderabadass Comedy Club presents a stand up special about Indiaa��s favourite industry in this theme based show titled Game of Thorns featuring Avinash Agarwal, RajaSekhar Mamidanna, Umesh Somani and Sandesh Ratna. We find out what you can expect from these comedians this weekend.

Umesh Somani
The Arnab Goswami of this group, he began performing on the stage just two years back but has gained the momentum that makes him one of the known faces in the industry. This time, Umesh says he would be paying a tribute to his managers – without whom, he feels, this act would not have been possible. a�?You will get to see the comic perspective of what a software engineer goes through during trainings, status calls, client visits, and appraisal meetings,a�? he says.

RajaSekhar Mamidanna
Known as the a�sAnna of comedya�? in the city and his funny observations of human behaviour around him, Raja has always made his audience roll on the floor with laughter. Besides roasting the software engineers and poking fun at their habits, quirks and aspirations, he will also play a character called Rambabu. a�?He is a frustrated, software engineer who is disappointed with his teammates, HR and life in general.a�?

Avinash Agarwal
This local Russel Peters surely needs no introduction in Hyderabad. Avinash began his journey in 2012 at The Comedy Store in Mumbai. Says the 27-year-old who has always managed to enthrall the crowd, a�?This is a theme show on the popular TV series Game of Thrones. Just like the characters on the TV show, employees fight for the corner office, higher appraisals and much more. This is our hilarious take on the citya�?s IT industry and the quirky life in the corporate world,a�? he explains. He will be talking about the new culture thata�?s come up – where bosses try to be friendly with you only to end up making you slog more. a�?I prefer the bosses portrayed in 70a�?s films, where they would press a button and feed you to crocodiles if you didna�?t perform well,a�? he quips.

Sandesh Ratna
A newbie, he had his first act just seven months back, but has managed to become a comedian-in-demand in the city. Speaking about his act this time at the Game of Thorns, Sandesh says, a�?I will be talking about how life changes after you leave college and join work and managers who do stupid things. You will get to hear the jargon used at my office and how I deal with people at my workplace.a�?

These four comics will perform at the
Mocha Cafe, Road No 7, Banjara Hills on August 28 from 8 pm onwards.
Ticket: `299 Details: bookmyshow.in

a�� Nishad Neelambaran


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