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    RadioAnchorOne question has dominated the consciousness of every Indian male for the last fortnight or so. No, ita��s not, a�?Will we ever get to see acche din?a�? Take a second guess. Did you say, a�?Will Rohit Sharma ever outgrow his Nohit Sharma nickname?a�? Wrong. Go on, give it one more shot. Sorry, ita��s got nothing to do with Alia Bhatta��s IQ.
    Ita��s the alimony, dammit! That Suzanne Khan Roshan is supposed to have asked our poor Hrithik for the favour of dissolving their marriage. The staggering `400-crore figure a�� which has been rubbished by the celeb couple a�� made all the males of our society wonder secretly about the exorbitant price they paid for tying the knot.
    Being a name smith and a bachelor boy to boot, the larger question that weighed on my mind was: Will Suzanne drop her surname in her new state of Splitsville? That might be a tad unfair for her kids Hridhaan and Hrehaan. Because they might want to tap into their dada��s equity when they grow up.
    But then, what happens to Suzanne if she decides to see someone else? Obviously, the Roshan tag is a telegraphic way of saying, a�?I still havena��t gotten over my first husbanda�?. So the obvious temptation would be to switch back to the maiden name which happens to be Suzanne Khan.
    A real knotty issue will arise if and when she weds the second time. Would she swap Roshan for her new hubbya��s surname? Or would she stick to Khan given her past experience? These are the kind of dilemmas faced by most Indian women. While not much thought is given to these problems, we have enough case studies to guide us.
    Jennifer Aniston changed her legal name to Jennifer Pitt after marrying Brad Pitt, but she was smart enough to continue using Jennifer Aniston as her professional name. So divorce or not, it didna��t affect her one bit.
    Susan Sarandon (born Susan Tomalin) on the contrary decided to stick with Sarandon as she found it a�?a very good namea��. Pop star Tina Turnera��s excuse for retaining her husbanda��s name even after break up was far more practical a�� it was the name that made her famous.
    In my view, actress Elizabeth Taylor has a lot of lessons to offer Suzanne. She married a record eight times. But she was always the same old Liz Taylor.


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