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    Radio on the internet is all about options. Big players occupy this space as they have realised that this is not only an extension of their brand, but also a chance to reach more ears globally. Radio units that play regional music terrestrially offer much more on the web. You have works from Rock to Gospel, Blues to Pop and Lounge to EDM for the taking.
    Internet radio is serious business today. A lot of brands who might have missed out on a frequency because of high license fees and various other factors, find the web a humble abode. With the world as your audience pool, the playground automatically becomes bigger. The trick is to hit the spot with the right content and spin music that gets everybody hooked. You are not going to hear long-drawn commercial breaks, so that should give you some relief while youa��re tuned in.
    8K is a station thata��s creating quite a buzz on the triple a�?wa��. It is a 24/7 internet station catering to Tamil Americans and is an attempt to bridge the eight thousand miles between the US and Tamil Nadu. Ita��s available across three time zonesa��the EST, CST and PSTa��so all youa��ve got to type is 8k radio and enjoy the music. You can also download the station app on both iOS and Android platforms.
    There are quite a few shows on the 8k grid, like 2 Idiots hosted by Dinesh and Priya, Legends by Nithilan, 8k Lounge which is back-to-back music, Morning Mantra by Radha, Salt and Pepper by Anjana, Maathi Yosi hosted by Arvind and Chennaia��s very own RJ Dheena hosting the breakfast offering, Filter Coffee. The site on which 8k plays is uncomplicated, giving you a pleasant experience while streaming music.
    Ita��s a great initiative by 8k Miles Media Group and you should sample them when you have the time. The reach of an internet station dwarfs any terrestrial unit. On the web, ita��s constant innovation and forward thinking that puts your brand right on top. See you next week.

    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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