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    Zorba kicks off its new school with a course on healing and energy

    THEY pride themselves on their many firsts—the first to bring down hot yoga and aerial yoga to the city, and now, the first to start a government-certified school for healing. Next month, Sarvesh Shashi, the founder of Zorba – The Renaissance Studio is launching the Zorba School of Healing and Yoga with a three-month Energy and Healing course. “We will take 20 students after filtering the applicants based on interests and intent. At the end of the course, they will have to sit for exams before they get a certificate,” says Shashi.
    Pankhuri Agarwal, a city-based regression therapist with a background in healing, is the director of the school and has designed the course. “The healing sector is very disorganised—anyone can do a course and claim to be a healer. This has led to healers getting a bad name and customers getting fleeced. This foundation course will teach people what healing is—from how the human body functions to symbols, chakras, meditation and more. We will teach them the basics of how energy behaves and how disease comes into the body,” says Agarwal, who has been a practitioner for over seven years, adding that the students can then apply for advanced courses in all the subjects. “We have 50 courses ready—like advanced crystal healing, past life regression, diploma in yoga and psychology—and we will gradually introduce them,” Shashi concludes.
    November 17 to January 20, at Zorba Mount Road, from 11.30 am to 2 pm (on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays). `30,000. Details: 9841132345
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