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Volkswagen has aA�new compact sedan,A�the Ameo, and we look at itsA�five outstanding features

AFTER a few years ofA�rumours, VolkswagenA�has finally unveiled itsA�new compact sedan,A�the Ameo. The German manufacturerA�has clearly pegged it asA�a vehicle made specifically forA�Indiaa��after all, the sub-4A�metre a�?small cara�� classificationA�doesna��t quiteA�exist anywhere elseA�in the world. So whatA�you get with the VWA�Ameo is a Polo withA�a boot. Most of theA�design is sharedA�with the hatchback,A�but therea��s a little moreA�to it than meets the eye

The namesake
Most Volkswagen names have traditionallyA�been inspired by theA�winda��Jetta, Passat and VentoA�being some examples. The Ameo,
though, derives its name from theA�Latin word Amo, which basicallyA�translates to a�?I lovea�� in English.
Considering how much weA�love our sedans over regularA�hatchbacks in India,A�Ameo seems like the
perfect name for this made-in-A�India compact car.

Under the hood
The Ameo has the same 1.2-litreA�MPI petrol three-cylinder engineA�as the Polo. Ita��s a goodA�engine for regularA�use and deliversA�75PS of powerA�and 110Nm ofA�torque, butA�coupled withA�the five-speedA�gearbox, itA�makes forA�some very goodA�driveabilitya��A�you wona��t reallyA�be shifting too many
gears in traffic. ThereA�will also be a diesel engineA�option, but that will come inA�later, along with a DSG gearboxA�thrown into the mix.

Gadget galore
The car also packs in all the gadgetsA�youa��d expect fromA�a car in the compactA�sedan segmentA�todaya��touchscreenA�entertainmentsystem,A�Bluetooth phoneA�connectivityA�and electricallyadjustableA�mirrors.A�But thata��sA�not all; therea��sA�cruise control, rainsensingA�wipers, antipinchA�power windows andA�even window operation from theA�key fob.

Tail end
At just 330 litres of luggage space,A�it may not have a very big boot,A�but it does have the capacity toA�load up a few suitcases with ease.A�If youa��re ever running out ofA�space, you can always fold downA�the backrest on the rear benchA�and create more space for yourA�luggage.

Price tag
The Ameo will be available in bthree trim levels when itA�hits showrooms thisA�Julya��Trendline,A�Comfortline andA�Highline. With aA�price range from RsA�5.4 lakh to 7.2A�lakh (ex-showroom,A�Chennai),A�it is right inA�the thick of theA�competition. ToA�its credit, it offersA�quite a few gadgetsA�in that price, along withA�sturdy build quality, ABS andA�two airbags as standard fare inA�every variant. Thata��s good valueA�for money.
Details: volkswagen.co.in
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