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The quest for the ideal collaboration through converging arts begins with season three of The Dewarists

The Dewarists, an initiative by DEWARa��s is back for the third season and as always hopes to recognise, celebrate and promote those who have made a mark in music. a�?The third season is the embodiment of the DEWARa��s philosophy a�� Live True. Be it light painting, shadowgraphy, graffiti or even dance, all art forms come from the need of the human soul to express itself, to be true to ones beliefs, to Live True and that is what we have attempted to capture. Through individuals who have stayed true to their passion andstrived for excellence in all that they do and inspire others,a�? says Manish Seth, director sales andA� marketing, Bacardi India.

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Following the branda��s philosophy of a�?somethings are just worth doinga��, this season branches out from being focussed on music and is also going to include art and dance. The new format also sees the show being shot in three destinations a�� Mumbai, Manali and Pondicherry, known as a�?the Dewaristsa�� escapesa��. a�?We selected these places for their natural affinity for music and art. While they seem contrasting, all these locations are true to themselves and that is the allure that lies behind them,a�? shares Seth, adding, a�?As the season progresses you can find the artists themselves relying heavily on the inspiration provided by their surroundings.a�?Fotor112219211

Dewing it right
Mumbai will see Monica Dogra, Prashant Mistri and Eric Pare collaborate for the first episode of the show, that will premiere on December 10, while Lucky Ali and Shilpa Gupta will team up too. Manali sees audiovisual performance collective Blot and artist Amar Sen coming together as well as Noori and Street Theatre Group against the rolling hills. Closer home, rock band Euphoria and movements art troupe Attakalari will work together in Pondicherry. a�?This time was a challenge as we had to select genres of music which could lend themselves to art and vice-versa,a�? elaborates Seth, assuring us that the collaborations between artists belonging to different genres of art and the different synergies will combine to create something authentic.

Intense inspiration
Explaining why Pondicherry was picked, Seth is quick to say that it is because the place is a a�?curious mA�lange of French colonial and Indian culturesa��. a�?The city almost beckons for one to stop and look. This quality of Pondicherry makes it a one of a kind destination,a�? he offers. Pondicherry also fits in well with the ideology of the season he says. a�?A local with artistic inspiration hiding around every corner, Pondicherry has a soul akin to our ideology a�� a collision of worlds, which will result in something magnificent. For the Dewarists, this was an opportunity to see what happens when music meets art, just like the tide meets the rocky beach,a�? Seth concludes.

The Pondicherry episode will airA� on December 15, at 8 pm on MTV

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