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O Sanam singer Lucky Ali takes centrestage in the city after a long time


Singer Lucky Ali stays close to the city, at a farmhouse in Yelahanka. But when was the last time you saw him sing at a gig in the city? In his own words, “Quite a long time ago.” The balladeer, who shot to fame with O Sanam in the late ’90s, tells us as it is, “I am done with club gigs. My music is not the party kind. Clubs
don’t make much business when my band and I perform (laughs). The owners regret it, because people listen to our songs and go back, and they don’t buy drinks. Ours music is not part of the club culture; it’s more suited for festivals and the khula aasman (open sky).” (He is also trying to keep off the Bollywood bandwagon, in favour of singles).
But this Sunday, the 57-year-old singer is making an exception for blueFROG. “It is Mahesh Mathai’s establishment, and he is my childhood friend. He directed all my videos. So this gig is special,” says Ali, who will play a different interpretation of his all-time hits, “suited for the stage”.
Music in mountains
Next month, he is headed where he likes it the best — music fests up in the mountains. “We will mostly play at Mandi in Himachal Pradesh on December 10. People there like our work. They are so respectful, they greet us as bhaijis (brothers). I feel so charged up in the mountains, it gives me energy,” he says.
In fact, Ali and his band have just returned from a Dussehra special music fest from Himachal. And he can’t stop talking about that experience. Firstly, the band drove 12 hours from Delhi to Manali in their Innovas. “Road journeys are adventurous,” says the travel-junkie, who plans to sail around the world soon.
Lucky’s philosophy of adventure–“that it shouldn’t be planned”– has found him and his group of artistes caught unawares by several things, including an earthquake. “We decided to stay in Himachal for an extra day and were on our way to Kasol. We stopped as I wanted to pick up
makkai (corn) and rajma
from a village. I was standing in front of an old tree, which the locals worship. Suddenly, it started shaking and dancing. The vehicle in front of me was also jumping. It was spectacular. I wasn’t panicking, exactly. I stood in a safer corner, trying to understand the nature of it (earthquake),” he recalls, calmly.
`1,000 (cover charge). November 8. At Church Street. Details: 69999549
— Barkha Kumari


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