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    We might have just about turned the corner with summera��s brutal heat, although ita��s fun to watch how the city continues to find new and interesting ways to cope with it. While one set of partiers head off to exotic locations, another bunch is happy to unwind right here in style. It looks like the season will bring a string of new hot spots, with lots to choose from. Starting it off was the launch of the much-talked about F Club and Lounge (I feel like I should add a�?finallya��), after the popular brand has made its presence felt in multiple cities across the country. The uber chic party destination opened its doors at Le Royal Meridien this week, with an exclusive evening that included the presence of the directors of Fashion TV Lifestyle. Not surprisingly the venue was packed, with a Kollywood- heavy guest list A�A�A�A�A�a�� actors Sarath Kumar, Sangeetha, Sundar C and singer Vijay Yesudas, along with loads of P3 regulars in bling mode. For those who werena��t there just for the celeb spotting, there was commercial and EDM, which along with loads of bubbly, took the mood from socialising to dancing, pretty quick.
    Making a quick stop in Chennai this week was renowned author Amitav Ghosh for a special signing of his book Flood of Fire at Starmark, Express Avenue. A legion of fans had gathered well in advance, books in hand, waiting for him to arrive. Unlike most of the celebrity events wea��ve gotten used to, this one began on time, with Amitav arriving exactly as promised.A� It turned out to be a lighting visit, with not too much interaction and a rather well behaved audience who didna��t shout out questions or even talk out of turn. One man was heard whispering to another, a�?I hear hea��s a man of few words.a�? Everyone seemed content with their autographed copy, and the author even signed a few extra, which if youa��re quick enough, you can pick up at the store.
    Even Pondicherrians were busy this weekend with the launch of Bay of Buddha, at Promenade. Besides the owners and hosts, Dilip and JacquelineA� Kapur, the crowded terrace saw familiar faces like Bidisha Samantaray, the owner of LivingArt Lifestyles, Manreet Deol of jewellery brand, Manifest Destiny, and cinematographer Samir Sarkar, among others.


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