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    Actor Alfie Allen on the new season of Game of Thrones

    The most-awaited show of the year is all set to go on air. Yes, we are talking about season six of the award-winning Game of Thrones. And a�?ita��s going to be weirder, and more unexpected,a�? says actor Alfie Allen, who plays the role of warrior Theon Greyjoy/Reek in this medieval fantasy series.

    a�?Fans are going to lose their minds! They will get to see characters that werena��t expected to cross paths,a�? adds Allen, whose character graph has been unpredictable, and mostly tragic, having lost friends, family, and even freedom through the seasons.
    Allen tells us what to expect after last seasona��s shocking cliffhanger that saw Greyjoy escape from the captivity of Ramsay Bolton, along with Sansa Stark.

    How will season six open?
    You find Theon running through snowy, freezing forests along with Sansa. Theya��ve jumped off the wall of Winterfell. We then come to a river, wade across it and try to hide in this sort of an uprooted tree. It was incredible to shoot that sequence. The Bambridge Studios was blanketed with fake snow.

    What is Greyjoya��s state of mind as he goes free?
    He wants to right all the wrongs that hea��s made in the world. But the first thing to do is assist his sister in gaining control of the Iron Islands, and make the kingdom a great place again.

    How deep are the scars of his past with Ramsay Bolton?
    If he were to comprehend that he wouldna��t be able to continue the journey that hea��s on. Hea��s got a certain amount of respect for Ramsay, as well as hates him, may be due to the Stockholm Syndrome. If they ever did come face to face, it would be an interesting one.

    Any memories from the shoot?
    Ia��ve heard that when a person is being held captive or in an extreme situation, his voice can change completely. So this time I was trying to bring the voice back and forth in terms of that bravado that Greyjoy once had.
    Season 6 premieres on April 26. Tuesdays, 10 pm, on Star World Premiere HD
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