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    A new catering service lets you choose from a ‘chef at home’ and a fully equipped ‘kitchen cart’

    Now we agree that chefs have been on hire for years. But Elang Kumaran and his team give you more than one reason why you should pick their catering service over the competition. “My chefs will do the shopping with you so there’s no compromise on ingredients. And they will cook the same dish to suit different tastes at home,” says Kumaran who heads Field Caterers, the brainchild of restaurateur M Mahadevan. The best part is that you can avail this service for a group as small as five (the chefs charge a minimum of Rs 7,000 for the evening) or even for a couple celebrating their anniversary.
    Field Caterers also offers a buffet set up, where you can choose to have signatures from a list of 18 restaurants that they are tied up with. There’s the complete list of restaurants from Oriental Cuisines (think Benjarong, Ente Keralam, Zara, etc), plus Mahadevan’s other projects and restaurants he is  associated with (The Marina, Bombay Brasserie, Cream Centre, Saravana Bhavan, Anjappar and more).
    While these services are already available to customers, we look forward to the commissioning of their third service, the ‘kitchen cart’ (or a food van) designed to handle the catering volumes that a regular household kitchen can’t. Capable of cooking for groups as large as 200, this van will also be a great option for those who don’t want the privacy of their kitchen disturbed. The only catch is that you’ll have to provide it parking space to cook. “It could be at your beach house, garden or  apartment — as long as it is a private space,” chef Kumaran points out, adding that this service will be available in around 30 days.
    Rs 750 per head onwards for the buffet or van. Details: 28115770, fieldcaterers.com

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