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Gianni Denitto Trio will delight you with contemporary jazzlsdhglksgh

Saxophone artiste Gianni Denitto, and drummer Matteo Fraboni first met each other at a jazz camp in 2008 in the Italian city of Tuscany, and hit it off. They started doing gigs at clubs, toured in Netherlands, and even cut a quartet album. So when friend-cum-brother Denitto asked Fraboni to join him for an India tour, as part of the cultural exchange programme a�?Italy meets Indiaa��, the latter agreed readily. And Fraboni is loving the experience a�� from playing at music and literary fests in Udaipur, Jaipur, Delhi and Goa, to savouring the vibrant food.
Tonight, the duo performs in Bengaluru for the first time, while collaborating with local favourite KN Prakash on bass guitar. Matteo has worked with Prakash in the past, and knew he fit the bill for this contemporary jazz night, titled Gianni Dettino Trio.
a�?I trust Matteoa��s recommendation (of Prakash),a�? says Denitto, whoa��s shared the stage with Indian artistes such as Nandlal Nayak, and Susmit Sen before, adding, a�?Thata��s the beauty of jazz. You can play together, and share your emotions even if you dona��t know each other.a�? Matteo backs him up, saying, a�?Jazz is a beautiful medium to communicate with other musicians. And a trio setup like ours offers a lot of room to improvise.a�?
At the Bengaluru gig, expect a mix of their respective compositions, sounds inspired from the American jazz tradition, and a few songs they have picked up from different cultures, of course, with the jazz filter.
When asked about his thoughts on the current jazz scene, Matteo says, a�?Back in the day, jazz artistes from the US and Europe used to make music that was way ahead of their time. We need to make more futuristic music.a�?
April 1. Tickets (Rs 400) available at the venue. At Indiranagar. 9 pm. Details: 41739250
a�� Barkha Kumari


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