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    Sharan Reddy and his team have a special experience in store for movie buffs who enjoy surprises

    If you agree that there’s more to movie watching than two hours of your time and a tub of popcorn, there’s a welcome surprise coming your way. It has been conceptualised by Sharan Reddy — whose San Francisco-based Indee.tv builds technology to promote films — and his gang of ‘film enthusiast’ friends. Zoetrope (named after the device that provides the illusion of animation through a series of static images) promises a fun experience that will involve costumes, dinner, a surprise movie and a whole lot of clues leading to it. After we convince him that we will beat around the bush as much as possible, a sceptical Reddy shares a few teasers about the event on January 18.

    Sharan Reddy

    Sharan Reddy

    “We have given people clues as to how they should dress for the evening — loud and colourful. The venue — which is also a secret — will be themed according to the movie and after the screening, guests can stay back for some interaction and fun,” he shares. After some persuasion, he adds that the screening will be outdoors (they are prepared for bad weather) with dinner served during the second half of the movie. “As we get closer to the date, we will keep giving out more clues about the movie that will be screened,” says Reddy, hinting at a comedy.

    He shares that the cafe, Sandy’s, is working on a special dinner for the event, while the salon Naturals will be setting up a space where guests can get themselves into suitable costumes. After having organised a similar event successfully in San Francisco, Reddy says that we can look forward to a more if the concept takes off in Chennai. And with an 80 per cent booking in just two days of opening, things are looking up. Tickets are priced at `750 per head at em.explara.com and Zoetrope takes place on January 18, from 6 pm onwards at Alwarpet. Details: 9940021115

     – Ryan Peppin


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