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Trails of India shows bikers the path to explore the country better

Biking is a liberating feeling; ask any ardent biker and he or she will tell you nothing different. This, plus the constant urge to be on the move, and explore the unexplored rings true for any member of the brotherhood. Pulp Strategy, a New Delhi-based digital and marketing integrated and communications agency, recently launched an online platform that aims to strengthen this bond further, and ita��s called the Trails of India.

Founder Ambika Sharma is an avid biker, traveller and an outdoors person herself. She started riding at the age of 12, and is currently the proud owner of Suzuki GSXa��R1000 and a Harley-Davidson Road King. She makes it a point to ride every weekend for at least a hundred kilometers. Therefore this new venture is quite close to Sharmaa��s heart. The idea came to her while planning a trip to Kanyakumari last year with a few other riders where she got thinking about the lack of an all-India platform for bikers.

Herea��s what Trails of India, which can be accessed both online and via an app, is all about: It lets bikers around India connect, and share their experiences via blogs, photographs, or videos. They can even form offline groups and set out on adventure trips together. If you are looking for whata��s the latest gadget, safety gear or merchandise to hit the biking world, you can find it here. Riders can also post queries in the forum section to get relevant answers from a team of experts and other seasoned bikers.

But Trails of India is a lot more than a social media platform for bikers. It wants you to discover a�?Incredible Indiaa�� better on those two wheels, or as they say, a�?take the road less travelleda��. It currently features 20 such trails.

Sharma tells us, a�?Road trips let you explore new terrains like nothing else. And ita��s even better on a motorcycle. Bikers on our app can tell you what routes to take, or to avoid if you are setting out for a relatively new trail (that they would have explored). Add to that your best options for stopovers, parking-friendly roadside joints and hotels, or how to help yourself out of an emergency. Ita��s like somebody has done the ground research for you. You can reach out to bikers near your route and have that info handy too. All you need to do is keep riding.a�?

Trails of India also has a unique method of recognising passionate bikers from the community. You can start out as a a�?Road Scouta�� by sharing basic information and work your way up to become a a�?Trailblazera��. There are exclusive goodies to earn along the way.
Happy riding!

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Details: trailsofindia.com
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