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    From thin crust pizza to tiramisu and burgers to brownies, Bobbya��s in T Nagar seems to have the western favourites covered

    Therea��s something personal and appealing about a restaurant named after someone. We cana��t think of a better example than Sandya��s, the chocolate lab by Sandesh Reddy, whose desserts have a dedicated fanbase. And in just two weeks of opening its doors, Bobbya��s Bistro in T Nagar is also enjoying a steady march of customers who are not just coming back for more, but also staying for a very long time. Is it the cozy wooden interiors that diffuse Chennaia��s mid-day sun into a soothing glow? Or the crowded wall of paper napkin messages that welcomes you to leave one of your own? Or is it the dining tables that double as black boards for you to doodle or tic-tac-toe as you deem fit? Wea��ll let you figure that out for yourself.

    Taking stock
    Our meal on a cloudy Sunday afternoon begins with colourful, icy mocktails that dona��t seem to end. On manager Kishore Kumara��s recommendation, we set our glasses aside for creamy plates of soup (pumpkin and tomato) that make it really hard for us to stop slurping. Next up is a large plate of penne in white sauce with chicken and two large slices of garlic bread. Not that we have any qualms with the pasta, but the crunchy, heady, garlic bread somehow steals all our attention. This is where Kumar points out that their breads come from a central bakery that supplies to several other restaurants in the city. Also owned by Vijayendra Babu (Bobby to friends) and his three partners, it will soon cater to the general public as well, wea��re told.

    By now, our beef pizza arrives and conversation ceases, till the partners come to join us for dessert. After discussing plans for Bobbya��s (burgers, sizzlers, sliders and steaks are coming up soon), they tell us about The East, set to open below Bobbya��s in a little over a month. There, you can expect a buffet lunch featuring Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese and Indonesian cuisines. They did mention something about stocking books at Bobbya��s too, but it became difficult to pay attention with the creme brulee, tiramisu, cheesecake and walnut brownie trying to make conversation with us at the same time.
    Meal for two at approximately Rs 1,500. Details: 65486548
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