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    From being shunned, thanks to a spouse, to being
    left out for being a god, these actors lead lonely lives in
    tinseltown with cross marks against their names

    from Holmes
    She may have been the talk of the town when she married Tom Cruise, but it was this association that cost Katie Holmes. Apparently, production houses were so afraid of the rules of Scientology that they wouldna��t sign her on despite being happy to work with Cruise and fellow Scientologist John Travolta. And amid rumours of why she eventually divorced Cruise, the main one is because her once thriving acting career had taken a big hit ever since she became connected to the controversial Church of Scientology. Since nothing has changed since her split, we wonder if she was on the blacklist for reasons other than her former spouse.

    Hand of God
    Hollywood3aRather than being officially blacklisted, Jim
    Caviezel, best known for playing Christ in Mel Gibsona��s Passion of The Christ, says he has been quietly shunned by the very people he works with. Calling Hollywood vengeful, Caviezel, who is currently playing John Reese on the TV series Person of Interest, claims that he was kept at bay for playing Christ. He also says that Gibson warned him about what would happen if he took the part. a�?Mel said: Youa��ll never work in this town again. I told him: We all have to embrace our crosses.a�? But despite his earlier willingness to give up on fame and fortune, the highly religious actor looks like he is now regretting it a bit.
    Since 2004, Caviezel has only done 11 films.

    Mel-ancholic times
    He may be the reason dear old Jim Caviezel has been exiled from
    Hollywood, but most people believe that Mel Gibson deserves to be black
    listed. Originally, the Mad Max actor got a cross mark against his name for a reckless remark about the gay community in 1992, then in 2004 he was caught on tape racially abusing his then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and followed up with a misdemeanor battery charge. Then came the Passion of The Christ, which people called anti-Semitic, and then he went ahead and threatened Frank Rich, a columnist of the New York Times by saying, a�?I want to kill him. I want his intestines on a stick. I want to kill his dog.a�? After that, the Oscar winner made it all worse and drove his name darker in the blacklist when he went on an anti-Semitic rant during a
    drunk-driving arrest, saying Jews are the cause of all wars.

    Difficult diva
    Well known to be a tantrum throwing diva, apparently Katherine
    Heigl is quite difficult and delays shooting quite considerably. And in a
    profession where time is money, it is no wonder she hardly gets acting gigs any more. From wardrobe issues and delayed vanity trailer exits to questioning scripts and having an equally demanding mother for a manager (Nancy Heigl), the star is certainly not a favourite anymore. Then, there is also the issue of them not being happy with food, locations and rooms in hotels. Rather rude and unpopular, she even withdrew from Emmy consideration for her role as Dr Izzie Stevens on Greya��s Anatomy, saying the show didna��t give her enough material to justify a nomination. Shea��s now trying to make amends saying she never intentionally hurt
    anyone. Rethinking her attitude after a rather dry spell, perhaps.

    in paradise
    Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem may have
    been very genuine in their concern for the people of Palestine, but their public message in the Spanish press has gotten them on the wrong side of producers in Hollywood. They have openly said that Israel is committing war crimes and genocide. Considering their comments to be anti-Semitic, the top bosses in tinseltown will have nothing of the couplea��s ranting and have officially blacklisted them. Ryan Kavanaugh, a chief executive of the studio Relativity Media has even said that it is more that they shouldna��t have gone public rather than not have any views. a�?As the grandson of Holocaust survivors, I know that anyone calling whata��s going on in Israel a�?genocidea�� [instead of] self-defence is either ignorant and shouldna��t be commenting or is truly anti-Semitic,a�? he told The Telegraph, UK.


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