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The Bengali Food Festival at Raddison Blu Plaza, Banjara Hills starts today and promises a sumptuous spread. At the media dinner preview the gastronomical delights were curated by Chandra Shekhar Pandey. The dinner started with Bengali phucka. The tamarind water was tangy enough with the right amount of chilies. The filling, too, was near to perfect. Other starters were Kebab Kathi Roll, Beguni, Singhara and fish egg chops. Singhara had the tasty potato and mixture with fried peanuts and green chillies. While rest were fine Kebab Kathi rolla��s paratha could have been made softer.
The main course began with Mutton Kosha, Luchi, Ghee Bhaat, Fish Fry, Fish Kalia, Shukto and Sorshe Dhairosh. Mutton Kosha was nicely done and tasted well with Ghee Bhaat especially when the fried dry fruits crunched between the teeth. Fish Fry was good enough but we really missed kasundi sauce. Sorshe Dhairosh had the pungence of mustard paste which is uniquely Bengali. Said chef Pandey, “I have lived in Calcutta for years so I know much about Bengali food and its flavour.”
The dessert platter had Langcha, Mishti Doi, Chhena Jalebi and Kancha Gulla. The sweets were large in portion and sweetness was rightly balanced. Kancha Gulla was in a rectangular shape and tasted soft; many mistook it for kalaqand. However we wished the curd was a bit sweeter to add to its smooth thick texture. Price for one person: `1,250++ taxes. The festival will be on till June 26. Time: dinner. Details: 67331133
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