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    Las Vegas is called  ‘Sin City’. New York: ‘The Big Apple’. The likes of Suketu Mehta have proposed ‘Maximum City’ for Mumbai. What about our dear Bengaluru? Several unimaginative hacks have blithely used ‘Silicon Valley of India’ without applying a smidgen of thought. Surely, the city deserves something more home-grown.
    Since the bisibela is the signature dish of the region, ladies and gentlemen, how about Busybela Valley? For a melting pot, buzzing with piping hot start-ups, I couldn’t think of a more mouth-watering sobriquet.
    If you think the nickname is not sufficiently techie, well: Bengaluru has long outgrown the software tag, it’s now the start-up capital of our country. When I say start-ups, I mean just-born companies that straddle ALL sorts of businesses – from aloo parathas to zucchinis.
    Somehow, our pink newspapers rev create the false impression that Bangalore is all about Flipkart, Myntra and Redbus. Actually, there are hotter, hipper, companies, ready to steal the thunder from the overhyped and overvalued fat cats. Let me talk about a few.
    Tookitaki (Bengali for ‘hide and seek’)  ‘listens’ to signals from social media and pinpoints the right target audience for online ad campaigns. Swiggy (slang for ‘genuinely awesome’) focuses on delivering the yummiest food from restaurants to homes in Koramangala. So be it mutton seekh kabab or veg crystal dumplings, you’ll get your order in 45 minutes flat!
    MadRat Games runs a different rat race. The folks behind the world’s first Hindi Scrabble and the board version of Antakshari, the game plan of which is to spread the joy of gaming in the native tongue.
    Wait, there’s a lot more: Attano (ancient Pali word for ‘self’) is the pioneer of eTextbooks for your child’s tablet; Thrillophilia is into injecting the rush of excitement in experiential travel tours; eLagaan (‘tax’ in Hindi) is your friendly online chartered accountant on demand; WhistleTalk is the Facebook of hiring, based on the premise of referrals; Alma Mater is India’s first go-to-joint for school and college merchandise; and Hummingbird is the largest business stay solutions company. I’ve left out a thousand other rocking enterprises. So you can imagine why investors and angels love Bangalore.


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