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Cake Box in Nungambakkam offers sandwiches, mushroom-basil puffs and more

At 20, youa��d expect youngsters A�to be studying hard and partying hard, not turning entrepreneurs. Thata��s where Thomas Koshy, a third year business administration student at Loyola College, is breaking the mould. He launched Cake Box, a cafA� in Nungambakkam, on August 7 and is clear that he will open three more outlets in the next two years. Isna��t that too ambitious? a�?Ia��ve always had a talent for selling stuff a�� like RayBan glasses to my classmates in school,a�? laughs Koshy, who launched his business with a loan from his father.

With a selection of sandwiches, coffees, cakes and bakes, the cafA� caters to all ages. a�?Ia��ve tried to give a twist to most of the food I offer,a�? says Koshy as he serves a chicken puff shaped like a double decker disc. Spicy, with a touch of Mexican seasoning, it goes down easy with a side of vanilla milkshake. Another popular variety is the mushroom-basil puff (a�?not available elsewhere in the citya�?). His sandwiches are hot-sellers, too. We try the tandoori chicken sandwich that is creamy, with enough filling to give you a mouthful of chicken in every bite. But we do miss healthier bread options (only white bread is available) and the crunch of fresh veggies.

Done up in black and white, there are paintings of his favourite singers Michael Jackson and Bob Marley on the cafA� wall (brushwork courtesy friends). Koshy says he plans to concentrate on expanding the menu. a�?We have mousse cakes and other decadent pastries, but I plan to add red velvet to the mix. Therea��s plans for a live pasta counter, too.a�? Hea��s also looking forward to the opening of an outlet of Mahabalipurama��s Moonrakers next door. a�?They will source their desserts from me,a�? signs off Koshy, who plans to split time between the cafA� and studying for an MBA in the future.
From Rs.20 to Rs.120.A�Details: facebook.com/CakeBoxChennai

a�� Surya Praphulla Kumar