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    Detective Aubrey St Angelo on his first TV show and why he chose to reopen an intriguing mystery

    Aubrey St. Angelo stands at crime scene.Who would have thought that Aubrey St Angelo, a real time detective who started his career in law enforcement at the age of 18, would end up starring in a TV series? But we are talking about no ordinary show. Discovery Channel is premiering a true-crime documentary called Killing Fields that is based on the two-decade old murder case of Eugenie Boisfontaine, who disappeared in 1997, and was found dead two months later in a ditch. Shot in real time, the show follows Aubrey, and fellow detective Rodie Sanchez (who was assigned the case back in 1997), and others from Iberville Parish Sheriffa��s office, as they try to unravel the re-opened case. Will advancements in forensic science and DNA analysis help them in finally solving the mystery? We find out from Aubrey St Angelo.

    What was your first reaction when you heard that Discovery was doing a TV series on the Louisiana case?
    I was very reluctant to be a part of an entertainment series as I didna��t know what it would entail. However, as an investigator, and a public servant, I have learned to accept whatever comes our way, and that is how I worked without noticing the cameras. I have worked in front of in-car video cameras before. So the cameras definitely did not bother me.

    Tell us more about the series.
    Killing Fields is a true-crime documentary series which follows homicide detectives as they reopen the case of a young woman found in the Louisiana swamplands, a body dumpsite, where the forces of nature often erase evidence. Ita��s an intriguing look into what goes on besides the nine-to-five job.

    What is it about the case that piqued your interest? Why was it reopened? What is its status now?OTBLead4
    In 1997, I was not experienced and dependent more on older detectives. At the time, manpower was an issue. These senior detectives were overwhelmed with an influx of investigations. As their leads ran out, the case went cold and thata��s why it wasna��t solved back then. The moment Detective Sanchez heard that Discovery is interested in doing a true crime show about a cold case, he found the opportunity to re-investigate.

    What makes for a perfect crime?
    In my 19 years of experience,
    I do not believe that you can commit a perfect crime without breaking the rules as youa��re going to leave some type of evidence behind. Crime doesna��t happen in a vacuum, and you are always liable to be caught.

    What kinds of skills are needed to be a good detective?
    I would definitely say that you would need to have a keen sense of observation, some social, in order to speak with people, relate to them, have compassion, and show emotion. Dona��t be arrogant so that tough attorneys or tough witnesses dona��t intimidate you. Those types of skills are definitely beneficial to being a good investigator.
    Premieres on April 21, 8 pm on Discovery Channel

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