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    The X-Files returns with a brand new miniseries

    The X-Files is coming back on TV after a hiatus of 14 years with an all-new miniseries. The sci-fi show, which first ran nine seasons from 1993 till 2002 as a TV show and was converted into films later, follows the life of two FBI agents, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. They have been entrusted with the investigation of paranormal cases, called X-Files. Another key fixture in the series has been their boss, Walter Skinner, played by actor Mitch Pileggi.
    Pileggi, who was also seen in shows such as Supernatural and Sons of Anarchy, lets us in on The X-Files, a show that has bagged 16 Emmy Awards, and five Golden Globes so far.

    How has your character evolved in all these years?
    Hea��s not progressed very far. He is still the assistant director at the FBI. I think a lot of that is probably due to the way things ended with Scully and Mulder when they left the FBI. So, hea��s probably been ostracised to a certain extent. But he obviously has been able to open up X-Files (in the duoa��s absence). So he obviously has a very powerful ally somewhere that is helping him do what he needs to do.

    Did you watch the older series to prepare for the current one?
    No, because I know this character, what hea��s about, and his relationship with Mulder and Scully. After playing Skinner for so many years, the character is ingrained in me. But yes I do go back to a few episodes at times. For a long time, I hadna��t let my daughter watch The X-Files. But when she grew older, I would sit down and watch the show with her.

    Does The X-Files hold relevance even today?
    I think ita��s very valid right now, with the way our world is and the way our government is functioning now. There are a lot of stories to be told through this show. This worlda��s in a mess. If I were an alien, I wouldna��t be coming anywhere near this neighborhood.
    Premieres on January 30. 9 pm on Star World Premiere HD
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